Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Level Up Fast

Who wants to get a 500% Exp Bonus!

Like any RPG game, in Xenoblade, the biggest thing driving you forward and making you more powerful with time are the levels. Imagine you’re grinding your way up to levels and wasting your precious time on getting around 1k-2k exp per kill. Well, how about boosting those numbers to about 5k-6k in a very short and easy time?! We’ll show you how to level up fast. This is all that you’ll need to do.

How To Level Up Fast – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

First of all, the key and crucial thing that you’ll need to be following this guide are unlocking the Chain Attack. You can unlock this very early in the game so probably you’ll already have it. You can get it in the Chapter 2 and right around level 15.

The next step is to look for the Elite Enemies. These are the enemies that have the blue wings right on the side of their characters. This is what they should look like.

They are actually easy to spot throughout the game but keep in mind that they are more powerful than the rest of the enemies you will be seeing. Expect of them more HP, more DMG output, and different sorts of skills. Whenever you battle them be prepared for a serious fight.

You can also go against bosses in the main story. This will also grant you a lot of XP.

When you get one of these enemies, whichever you prefer, you will need to get your Chain Attack at a 100%. The next step is you’re going to wait until that health bar of the enemy that you’re fighting is down to about 10-20%. Imagine that your enemy is just about to die.

Only when your enemy is at this stage of his HP you will need to activate your Chain Attack. Right away as soon as you hit that enemy for the first time with this skill you’re going to unlock the Overkill and notice on the right side that you’ll have a big XP bonus.

Now the key is to just spam and keep stacking your attacks and damage on the downed enemy. Keep throwing literally everything that you have on him and you will notice that the XP will stack and you’ll keep getting more and more experience with each hit.

You can do Chain Orders and switch up characters and then do the same with them. Keep on hitting with everything you’ve got and enjoy getting your very easy XP points. You can sometimes even get this EXP Bonus all the way to 530% and maybe more!

Make sure to take this approach every single time you defeat a boss or find an elite enemy. It is going to be easy leveling up for you! As you get better at the game and you get more powerful this EXP Bonus is going to get even higher.

That should be it! Follow this method and you’ll be leveling up as fast as lighting! Have fun!

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