Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Consul K Boss Fight Guide

A guide on how to fight the Consul K boss.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Consul K Boss Fight Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a lot of boss battles that you fight as you progress through the story. Of course, it can’t be a JRPG game if you don’t have any over-the-top, multiple-phase bosses that grow bigger and bigger with each defeat. But this guide isn’t focused on bosses that do just that. In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will fight Consul K, a member of a powerful military force that will definitely give you trouble at first. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can win easily.

Consul K Boss Fight Guide – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

When facing a boss, naturally the first thought that pops in your head is that you need to grind and level up, right? That is a viable option, but you don’t really have to do that, as it is time consuming and not a lot of people have time to grind. 

Instead, have Mia as a Medic Gunner, Eunie as a Medic Gunner, Taion as a Tactician, Lanz as a Swordsman, and Sena as a Heavy Guard. It’s important to have Mia and Eunie as Medic Gunners and Taion as a Tactician, because you will need people to heal you. Lanz being a Swordsman allows you to have the break, topple, daze combo, which is super important in the fight.

Noah, however, should be a Zephyr. Now, this might not mean much in the early stages of the boss. But, Noah as a Zephyr becomes an incredibly useful asset. He will tank damage, dodge attacks, and help his teammates as the fight reaches to an end.

When the fight starts, Consul K will mostly focus on Noah, so he will be taking most of the damage. This is why you need two Medic Gunners and one Tactician. They will provide support for you with healing and a revive if the need arises.

For gems, you should have everyone be equipped with Iron Clad II, which increases everyone’s HP. This will let everyone take more punishment if they get hit. It gives you more health when your Medic Gunners and Tactician starts healing you.

For accessories, prioritize equipping your party with HP boosts and defense raises. Again, this is to make sure everyone will get through the fight without dropping below 50% of their health. This is important to do. But Noah should have Garnet, as this accessory grants him an attack boost with each enemy in the battle.

This helps because Consul K will eventually summon other enemies called Keves Blocker. Once they do come in, this is where you switch priorities and deal with them first. Having them around will deal more damage to you and your party if you leave them alone. It’s best to take them out fast and go back to Consul K.

However, if you start seeing one of your party members have low health, then you need to switch your attention to Consul K. They will need the time to heal themselves first, and they can’t do that when Consul K is attacking them. You need to do this when any of your Medic Gunners or Tactician is in trouble.

You should also take advantage of the Interlink system and use the Ouroboros when fighting Consul K. The Ouroboros deals massive damage to enemies, and bosses are no exceptions. However, you cannot switch enemies, and if you have the Keves Blocker near you, you might not hit Consul K. We advise to do this only when Consul K is alone or far from the Keves Blocker.

You should also use your Chain Attacks too. This allows all party members to perform special moves that deal massive damage while also healing your entire party. But you should save it for when you feel is right. 

An ideal situation to use your Chain Attack is when your team has incredibly low health and Consul K is enraged. Using your Chain Attack in this situation will not only stop your enemies from attacking, but you can also attack while getting health back. When selecting what moves to use, always go for the ones that heal your party.

Once you reach a quarter of Consul K’s health, then you need to use everything you have to get his health down. Use Arts, Interlink, Chain Attack, normal attacks. Anything to get his health to zero, while simultaneously keeping your party alive.

Keep doing that, and you will inevitably defeat Consul K and continue on with the story.

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