Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Get Hero Segiri

How hard can it be?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Get Hero Segiri

Obtaining all the heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 might be the most fun activity! Sometimes that is. For getting some of them you will need to invest yourself with a lot of time and effort. Strap your seatbelts because getting Hero Segiri is the hardest thing ever. This is what you’ll need to do.

How to Get Hero Segiri – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You can unlock Hero Segiri only in or after the Chapter 6 after you have completely finished the side story mission of Mio. It is one of the hardest heroes to unlock and players are having quite a difficult time in getting it. You will have to complete all of these side missions first:

  • Where the Heart Is Quest
  • Charity and Hypocrisy Quest
  • Melody of Mourning Quest
  • Dorin and Bambam Quest
  • Rousing Bolearis Quest
  • A Burning Curiosity Quest
  • Exhausted Supplies Quest
  • Tactical Eradication Quest
  • Severed Connection Quest
  • Writers’ Block Quest
  • The Illusion Returns Quest

First of all, in your quest to get Hero Segiri, you will need to gather some information in the Colony 4. Make sure to do a thorough scan throughout all of the Colony. Some players are finishing all the quests but they have a problem getting this hero even after finishing all of them. Make sure that you’re going to do a big scan and discussion with all of the members inside the Colony 4 to get all the info you might need. This is how you start the first quest – Where the Heart Is.

Where The Heart Is Quest

Come here to this location in the Aetia Region. You will get the info about the Monsters in the region and then you’ll need to go to the Colony 4 location once more to discuss everything that you’ve just seen. This will get the quest to be finished and the next one to start only after you’re done with gathering information from Colony 4 Part 2 now.

Charity and Hypocrisy Quest

Just get talking with all of the gang and discuss all of these things:

You can do this in the previous Colony 4 Nopon location. Just discuss these with the rest of the gang about all of these issues and you’ll get the next 3 quests on the map for starting.

Melody of Mourning Quest

You will need to make your way over here in the Fornis Region. There will be soldiers’ bodies on the ground and this is how you’ll actually finish your quest, by getting to know this information and being able to pass it on to others. On to the next one.

Charity and Hypocrisy Quest

You will need to make your way all the way here in the Fornis Region. You can use the fast travel location to the west of it for a faster time. There will be a couple of weird creatures here that will be threatening a couple of soldiers. You will simply need to take them out. They are fairly squishy so this is an easy one.

Dorin and Bambam Quest

This one is located also in the Fornis Region. You will need to make your way all the way here. When you get here look for the NPC by the name of Dinzel. Then he will send to the Dorin and he will send you to look for a couple of birds that you’ll need to eliminate. Once you take them out you’ll go back to Dorin and Bambam.

After you have taken all of the pointed enemies out you will need to go back to the camp location and then chase out after the runaway Levnis. It is going to be directly northwest of the location in the picture above. Once you catch up to him you’ll complete the quest. Congratulations!

Rousing Bolearis Quest

Come here to the Fornis Region. You will need to enter the small location that this quest will take you and then while inside you will be fighting a couple of enemies. Once you take them down you’ll complete the quest.

Burning Curiosity Quest

This is where you’ll need to come to Fornis Region in order to start the quest. It will give you a location on the map that you’ll need to go to and just kill some enemies. Then you’ll pick up some items and need to deliver them again to the place you’ve picked up the quest.

Then after this is done, you will go to the Colony 4 and gather some more info. This is going to be the gathering info Part 3 of Colony 4. Discuss with every single NPC.

Exhausted Supplies Quest

Just find Brunella which will be next to the information gathering in Colony 4. You will give her these: – Longleaf, Twooth Clover, and Poison Ivy and get the Progress to 100%

Now she will start walking and simply you’ll need to follow her. Then find Mikoko and give him Potatoes and Limber Lady and you’ll get his progress bar to a 100%!

That will finish the quest. Gathering info yet again from the Colony 4 Part 4. 

Tactical Eradication Quest

Just find Maxie that will be near the information gathering place in Colony 4. You will need to finish the requests of Jeremy, Fla`ran, and Yorde now. 

You will see on the map all of those quests that will appear now. You will need to go to them and then just do a simple clearing of some grouped-up enemies. They will be fairly far away from each other so you’ll need to do some fast traveling. Fairly easy and simple quest. Then after all of this is done you will need to back to Maxie and you will complete the quest. Congratulations!

Severed Connection

You will need to make your way to the question mark in the Fornis Region to start the quest. You will be given a task, after you’ve seen the fallen soldier, to go to the Colony 4 Medical Quarter. Get over there. Once you talk to the doctor you will be needing to head here:

Here you will see a Mysterious Raider who has been taking down all the soldiers. The quest is simple. Take him out and you’ll be done with it. Congratulations!

Now after this one you will come to the Chapter 6. The first thing you’ll need to do is gather all the information you can in the City.

Once you finish gathering the information you will obtain all the things you need and be able to start the next side quests you will need to do.

Writer’s Block Quest

It starts pretty simply. Walk around the City to where the markers will be placed and gather all the Founders Tales they will need. You will actually need to Buy them from the vendors.

After this is done simply go over to the specific NPCs that you’ll need to talk to. They will all be located in the City as seen in the picture above. Once you’ve done all the talking you will be given a package that you’ll need to transfer. Go over here:

This is in the Pentelas Region. Here you will notice that there will be a lot of enemies that you’ll need to take down. Kill them all to be able to deliver the product that needs delivering.

After this delivery is done, go over all the other ones. You will need to find things for Leanne to also deliver her products. They will be scattered throughout the map so you’ll need to find them. You will be looking for items for Leanne the entire time. These are the items you’ll need to pick up in total:

Give them all to  Leanne who is located in the City. Once you do this, the quest will be finished. Congratulations!

The Illusion Returns Quest

Make your way here to the Aetia Region. Defeat all the enemies that will spawn here and the quest will be done!

Hero Quest – Inhumanity

You will finally see Hero Segiri! After all this time. She will be injured so you’ll need to take care of her.

Go to this exclamation point in the City map to get the quest going. You will need to talk to 2 NPCs that are inside the City. They will be right next to you. Start a discussion with your gang after these chats and you’ll get some new marks on your map.

You will need to go to the Colony Lambda now. Find the soldier and talk to him. He will give you an item that you’ll need when talking to the next NPC which is in Michina Canteen on the City map. After all the talks with random NPCs you’ll need to go here:

This is in the Aetia Region. Riku will try to get the robot in working order and actually, you’ll unlock the Hazard Neutralization skill this way too. You will get a very big boss battle after this. After you’ve cleared out all the enemies you will unlock Hero Segiri! Congratulations!

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