Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Classes

Which class is your favorite?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the new best thing in the RPG genre! You will have tons of choices to play as not just by characters, but by modifying them with over 18 classes! Each of them will be a unique experience and tailor your game significantly differently each time you choose a different class to play as. Let’s see how you can unlock all classes!

How To Unlock All Classes – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Most of these classes are very badass making it very worthwhile doing. It will take you some time to unlock all classes but at the end of the day, it is even sort of like a collective thing if you’ll be able to unlock them all.

Flash Fencer

This is a story class. This means that you cannot actually miss it. You will pass through it with the main story questlines and you’ll automatically have it in your inventory.

War Medic

Just like the previous one this one you’ll also be getting by simply playing through the story. Just play along with the story and you will automatically have it unlocked as well.

Guardian Commander

Yet another story class that you will be unlocking by just playing through the main story quests. You cannot miss them because you will be completing them one by one in order to proceed with the game.


This one is finally not going to be available to you for free without any work. You will have to go to this location:

This is in the Aetia Region and you’ll need to complete the quest Going Beyond Power. It is actually a hero quest and you’ll unlock this new class. We have written a guide about it too so be sure to give it a look for easy tutorials and tips.

Young Smith

This is another story class that you will unlock a little later on in the game. Just follow along with the story and you’ll have this automatically and eventually unlocked

Full Metal Jaguar

For this one you will have to come to this location:

This one is available for getting very early on in the game. You can come up and beat up some enemies and unlock it. It is a very fun gunner class that might just become your favorite. Just remember that you will need the Wall Climb perk in order to come here. We have a guide about it where you can see how to unlock it.


You will have to come here in the Pantelas Region:

You will need to complete the hero quest Unwavering Resolve at the Colony which you can find in the same Pantelas Region. Complete the quest and you’ll unlock this very cool class.


The Stalker class is obtained by simply progressing through the story quests and events. After a while, you will see it unlocked simply by completing some easy to do quests and cutscenes.

Lone Exile

This one is unlocked when you complete the hero quest named Wrath of the Sharer. You are able to find and start this quest at this location down below:

This is actually located in the Syra Hovering Reefs. Don’t be afraid of where you might find this location because the story will take you in and through here in the Chapter 4. So be on the lookout while you’re completing the Chapter 4.


You will need to complete the hero quest of Her Reasons. This one can be found in this location here:

It is located in the Fornis Region and is located in the far west of it. This region is a pretty high-level region so be sure to be powerful enough to get here. If you aren’t able to come here pretty early on, just give it some time to level up and get stronger.

Lost Vanguard

This is a class that you can unlock by completing the hero quest Van Dams Air. You will need to come here in order to get it started.

This is the City Interior’s Map. You will need to gather Rumours so you can get the yellow exclamation marks above people and simply go on discussing with these people about all the rumors they might have heard. This is how the quest will get unlocked for you to complete it.


You can unlock this class by completing the hero quest of Transparent Dreams. You will find it in the Cadensia Region or in the location shown on the picture below:

When you first arrive in this region you won’t be able to explore all of it. You will first have to unlock the boat sailing ability and then you’re able to explore it all and go for this class.


This one is recommended to unlock as soon as you have it available. It is like a blue mage class which allows you to absorb abilities from enemies you can find. What’s cooler than that?!

This is where you can find it. It is in the Cadensia Region. You can unlock it by doing the quest named Doing it My Way. It can be started in the Colony 15.

Martial Artist & Troubadour

Both are unlocked pretty late on in the story. This means that you will have them automatically just by playing through the story.


This is yet another hero quest that you are able to finish and get the class. It is called A Twist of Fate. You can start it in the highlighter position on the picture which is located in the Aetia Region.

Machine Assasin

This is probably the hardest class to obtain out of all the classes to unlock. You will have to complete all of the quests that are in the Colony 4. A lot of these quests will actually send you out and you’ll come across some machine assassins that you’ll need to take out. They are fairly powerful mind you!

This is in the Fornis Region. These quests are going from level 30 to level 50 so it means you’ll have to come back a couple of times. Once you finish them all go to this location:

It is in the Aetia Region and you’ll find a new question mark once you finished all the others. This will start the hero’s quest Inhumanity.


Just go into this top left corner of Aetia Region and you’ll see the exclamation mark. Go there and a quest will start which you’ll have to finish.

Royal Summoner

You can find this quest on the first floor of the castle. Pretty hard to miss.

These are all the classes you can unlock in the game.

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