Lost Ark: Artist Class Guide For Quick Chaos Dungeons

Clear those dungeons quick!

Lost Ark is one of those MMOs that first released in the east and was later released to the west. That means players from the west can look at the east and see what to expect in future updates as well as changes the developers make. One of the things players look forward to are new classes and one class is nearing its release in the west and it’s the Artist. Of course, what we really want to know is how good is the Artist in Chaos Dungeons and what are some builds you can go with it, in this guide we’ll show you a guide for Artists in Chaos Dungeons.

Artist Class Guide | Quick Chaos Dungeons | Lost Ark

Let’s face it, the main question you’ll have for the new class is how well it goes against Chaos Dungeons. The need to do those dailies over and over again until your soul can’t handle it anymore is what MMOs are these days. So to make sure that your time and money investment is on point, you’ll need to know if the Artist Class is great for those daily dungeons, well they’re pretty good!

Source: Lustboy – YouTube

Above is the skills that you need for Chaos Dungeons, the relic set Betrayal or Dominion can be great with Dominion being the best if you use Preemptive. Preemptive Strike cuts down the clear speed a lot so it’s the best choice, just equip two +9 engravings.

The Crane skill is the most important one among all the skills, this skill alone makes the artist a powerful class for chaos dungeons. The skill has a base cooldown of 24 seconds, which is atrocious, but that’s why you get the 2nd tripod Swift Preparation. This will cut the cooldown up to 14 seconds, with more skill cooldown from things like CDR Gem and a bit of swiftness this is great skill for clearing.

Many thanks to Lustboy for showing everyone how to do this, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here:

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