Age of Empires 4: Mongol Sheep Guide

Let us herd some sheep!

The Mongol civilization is one of the most unique civilizations in the Age of Empires. This civilization can relocate their whole base easily, making them one of the most aggressive civilizations in the game. They also have a few unique traits that set them differently from other civilizations as well. 

Unique Perks of Mongol Civilization

Aside from relocating their base, the Mongols start with their maximum population already. This civilization also has advanced technology, and they use it to enhance and improve their units. You also get the two unique units called the Khan and Mangudai. 

Mongol Sheep Guide

The first thing you should know is that the Mongols cannot farm. Instead, they get their food from herding sheep. Instead of farming, they can build a pasture that can herd and gather sheep every 90 seconds. Placing this near the Ovoo can herd and gather sheep much faster. 

You will encounter later on that your Ovoo will run out of resources. What you can do to combat this is to build a Monastery and research the Monastic Shrines technology. This building will become an alternative to Ovoo that will not run out of resources. 

You can also build a White Stupa, which is a landmark that acts as an Ovoo and can produce 240 stones per minute without needing a Stone outcrop. Keep in mind that the sheep will spawn on the opening side of the pasture so you should place the Ger in front of the opening. 

You can get 240 food per sheep using a normal pasture. You need 2 minutes per sheep but if you have the pasture around an Ovoo or other similar building, you only need a minute and 20 seconds per sheep. The optimal villager for a normal pasture is 3 and the Ovoo pasture is 4. 

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