Nightingale: How to Get Leather

Done skinning animals? Now it’s time to make some leather!

There is a wide variety of resources that you can gather in Nightingale, as is tradition in any survival game like it. One of the most important materials you will need throughout your journey is leather, and in this guide, we’ll be showing you the quick and easy steps to get some!

How to Get Leather

Refining leather is incredibly simple. After progressing through the tutorial, you will unlock the ability to craft a Simple Tanning station, which requires 6 sticks and 10 plant fibres.

After that, simply open up the crafting interface by pressing E on the tanning station. In the menu, select “Leather” to start crafting some.

This process will require at least two pieces of any animal hide. It should be noted that they have to be of the same type, so don’t expect to process a piece of leather with 1 pig hide and 1 wolf hide.

You can get these by killing animals and using a Hunting knife on them. This will drop at least one of their type of hide on the ground, as well as meat and bones.

Nightingale simple tanning station interface showing the recipe for leather

And that is pretty much it, all you need to do now is claim your refined materials from the tanning station. To learn more about the game’s other mechanics, check out our crafting beginner’s guide for Nightingale.


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