Tribes Of Midgard: Best Weapons

Let’s get you the most awesome weapons!

Tribes of Midgard is a game that can really make you feel like a badass. You will fight ancient Norse monsters and enemies and, alone, or with the help of your friends, dominate the battlefield! But… how could you do that if you don’t have some overpowered weapons to lead the way, right? Luckily for you, we know which weapons are the best and took into consideration how many skills, how powerful and how hard it is to get them. Here they are!

The Best Weapons in Tribes of Midgard

So, here is the list of the best weapons in Tribes of Midgard:

  • Fenrir’s Fang

    A 187 damage legendary, non elemental, sword that is quite easy to procure.
    It has three different skills you can use with it and it needs 19 Wrought Iron, 15 Werewolf Fang, 11 Large Bones and a Golden Horn.

  • Elivagar Bow

    A void, legendary, 175 damage bow that has a great knockback a sticky drain, which can heal you and your teammates.
    What you need for it is 14 Wooden Board, 11 Helthing Ring, 8 Helthing Crown and a Golden Horn.

  • Fornjot’s Axe – Made With A Jotun

    An ice, legendary, 180 damage axe with great support and attack skills.
    For this one you’ll need 12 Cut Stone, 9 Unfrozen Talisman, 5 Piece of Geirrodr’s Jaw and a Golden Horn.

  • Baldr’s Blade – Made With A Jotun

    An amazing electric, legendary, 177 damage sword with two attack skills and a healing one.
    You’ll have to get your hands on 13 Wrought Iron, 9 Werewolf Fang, 5 Shard of Jarnsaxa’s Brooch and a Golden Horn

  • Muspelheim Maul IIII – Made With A Jotun

    A 184 damage fire weapon that can destroy anything in its path. This one is harder to get since you need to craft all its predecessors before getting this one.
    You’ll need Muspelheim Maul III before starting. To make it, you also need 15 Large Bones, 9 Segment of Halogi’s Horn and a Golden Horn.

  • Sigyn’s Blade – Made With A Jotun

    183 damage titan, with void as element. As the Maul before, you’ll need hard work for this one.
    So, you need Sigyn’s Blade III, 12 Dokkalfar Orb, 8 Strand of Angrboda’s Hair and a Golden Horn.

Now, in terms of ranking, I’d say that the first two weapons are the best, since they are the easiest to get and could help a lot long term.

And, these are all the legendary weapons at the moment, so take your pick.

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