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Get to the Main Lobby of the Pizzaplex – Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

All of this just to get to the lobby? Surely we can survive here until morning, right?

Finding your way to the lobby is not easy because it can be full of unwanted situations, but we’re lucky Freddy is here to help.

Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach – Get to the Main Lobby of the Pizzaplex

So how do you find the main lobby? In this part, Freddy Fazbear will take you inside him, or rather you will ride Freddy.

As you ride him, head to the two wooden doors that lead to the Utility Tunnels. Go down the stairs to the ground floor B2.

Freddy will then get worried and take you to the first aid room. Here you will have to hide from Vanessa behind the curtain.

Vanessa will tell Freddy to go back to his room and that they have an intruder (you) and that also everyone else has been notified.

After this, enter Freddy again and continue to the right. You are currently under the Pizzaplex. To get out of here, head down the small tunnel.

Ignore when Freddy’s batteries are on one line and continue up the stairs to B1. Here Freddy will get you out of him and you will have to move on alone.

When you find yourself in front of the entrance of the big hallway, collect the pink bag. Then go straight to the first black door on the right, enter the room and you’ll see Chica blocking your way.

Exit the room where Chica is and on the right, you will see a pile of cans that you will have to push to distract Chica.

Then enter the room and exit the door that was blocked by Chica. Then go to the end of the hallway and enter the door on the left.

Exit this room and re-enter the door in front of you. Exit this room again and go to the right, after this entry and exit you will find a spot to save the game.

Go straight and here you will meet a series of jump scares: here you will be chased by Monty, continue to the right to then run away from Roxy, then turn right again and you will encounter Chica.

Then, head towards the green stairs and climb it until you reach the top. You will find the security room and here Freddy will address you.

Follow Freddy’s instructions and connect your Fazwatch to the security system and access the cameras.

Finally, to get to the entrance, save the game and go outside.

NOTE: Be very careful as Chica patrols this area.

Head to the double red doors but the entrance will close by the time you reach it. Here you will then need to enter the main lobby with a complimentary entry pass.

And there you have it, you finally stepped into the lobby! What’s next on our list, Freddy?

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