ACV: How to Get Dwarven Defender Outfit in Forgotten Saga

Look fashionable, but also battle ready.

ACV How to Get Dwarven Defender Outfit in Forgotten Saga

Assassin’s Creed is no stranger to fashion. Ever since the Brotherhood days, Assassin’s Creed features a ton of cosmetic outfits that change the character’s look, as well as their stats. Cosmetic affecting stats wasn’t introduced until Unity, and that system slowly changed in favor of an RPG gear system in Odyssey. Now in Valhalla, that system is still present, and Valhalla features an abundance of great outfits that you can get as you play the game. The Forgotten Saga has added even more, like the Dwarven Defender outfit, which you can get with this guide.

How to Get Dwarven Defender Outfit in Forgotten Saga – ACV 

When you start the Forgotten Saga, you will have to go to the second island after defeating the first boss. This is in order to unlock the opportunity to get the Dwarven Defender outfit. 

Once you make it to the second island, you have to make your way to the middle part of it. This is in order to reach the location where the outfit is hiding in.

When you reach the area, you’ll find lava flowing down and a skull shaped rock formation on the side of it. The chest containing the outfit is located here, but there’s a bit of a trick to it. First, head towards the rock mountain and climb up.

There are wooden structures on this mountain. Use them to climb up and stay on the path. These wooden structures, as well as the lights next to them, serve as your pathway. They will guide you to your next destination as you climb up.

When you make it halfway, you’ll find a chest next to a hay pile. This is the chest you need to open in order to get the outfit, but Havi will say a dialogue that says that the air shimmers like the illusions the Jotuns do. This means the chest is locked, and you need to do a specific action in order to unlock. Said action is actually climbing up the hill and looking over an edge to unlock the chest.

Continue on the path and follow the lights and wooden structures. This will be a climb to the top. It is the only height that allows the chest to magically open. You’ll come across lifts as you do so, so make sure to use them to get up quicker.

Once you see this cliff with two jagged rocks on either side, make your way to it and stand near the ledge. You’ll hear a sound of something magical dissipating. You’ll see that the chest has changed color from a stone gray to gold. That means you can open the chest now. 

Eagle dive into the hay to get a quick way down and loot the chest. You’ll get a note from Hel congratulating you on opening the chest with none other than the whole reason you’re reading this guide, the Dwarven Defender outfit.

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