Age of Empires 4: English Build Order & Guide

Win using the English Civilization!

The English are one of the civilizations that are designed to be easy. However, there are different strategies and build order that you need to consider depending on your enemy. Below is one of the build orders you can use that utilizes the longbowmen and spearmen. 

English Build Order

When starting the game, put 6 villagers to sheep and send out a scout to explore the map. Put the first 8 villagers on food first and then put the next 2 villagers on gold. The rest of the villagers should be on Wood for a bit to allow you to build a Council Hall

Afterward, transition your villagers from the sheep to the berries. Build your barracks and once you have enough resources, build an Archery Range as well. At this point, you should have 1 Barracks, 1 Archery Range, and 1 Council Hall. Keep on producing longbowmen and spearmen to increase your military strength. 

You can also try to siege using your longbowmen and spearmen at this point. Build your Blacksmith and Market to start trading and transition your villagers to Farms. You can now build a White Tower and place your Keep on the High Ground. Keep in mind that spearmen are great against Cavalry but if your opponent has Infantry, use Vanguard-at-arms instead. 

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