Age of Empires 4: Holy Roman Empire Build Order & Guide

Get the early siege with the Holy Roman Empire!

The Holy Roman Empire is one of the religious civilizations in the Age of Empires 4. This civilization utilizes religious buffs in the early game, making them one of the more aggressive civilizations early on. One of the strategies to use when using the Holy Roman Empire is to all-in rush your opponent early on. 

Holy Roman Empire Build Order

Send out a scout first to explore the map and herd some sheep. Put 2 villagers on each resource first. Afterward, put 4 villagers on food, 2 on wood, and 2 on gold. After a cycle, put 1 extra villager on Gold. Lastly, put 8 villagers on food, 2 Villagers on Wood, and 3 Villagers on Gold. You will prioritize both food and gold in this run. 

Try adding a second scout to get more sheep and if you can, you can get an upgrade to help you herd deers as well but it is not a priority. Use the Prelate to buff your villagers early on and begin researching technologies and upgrades. 

Build your Meinwark Palace and start building your barracks. Train your villagers and focus on getting the Fighting upgrades. Try to put a second barrack if you can and get the Siege Engineering upgrade as well. After this, you are good to go and you can all in your opponent with an early siege.  

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