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Escape From Tarkov 0.12.11: Best Graphics & Game Optimization Settings | Boost FPS

Get the best Escape from Tarkov experience!

With the introduction of the 12.11 patch to Escape from Tarkov, we thought you might be in need of a revision! “Of what?”, you might ask. Of your settings, of course. The game could be going at half the capacity it’s capable of, or looks 100% worse than it should, because you’re afraid to make some changes in your life! Don’t worry, with the help of the people here at ItemLevel, you will select the best settings for your gaming rig, that will make you enjoy the Escape from Tarkov a hundredfold!

Best Graphics & Game Optimization Settings | Boost FPS – Escape From Tarkov 0.12.11

We will separate these instructions into three different categories. If you open up your settings menu in the you’ll see 5 different tabs.

Firstly, we’re gonna talk about:


There are only 3 things that matter in this tab:

  • Automatic RAM Cleaner = ON (if you don’t have a lot of RAM)
  • FOV = 75
  • Head bobbing = 0.2

Besides the RAM Cleaner, the other ones are necessary for you to play your game under normal circumstances.


For this category, these are the settings you should have to get the best quality, whilst keeping a very high FPS.

If you experience low FPS using these settings, consider lowering some of them.

  • Texture quality = high
  • Shadows quality = ultra
  • Object LOD quality = 4
  • Overall visibility = 2000
  • Shadow visibility = 40
  • Anti-aliasing = TAA High
  • HBAO, SSR, Anisotropic filtering = off
  • Nvidia Reflex Low Latency = on and boost
  • Sharpness = 0
  • Lobby FPS Limit = 60
  • Game FPS Limit = 144

These are the settings you should use if you wish to properly see everyone whilst playing and also keeping high FPS.

The settings that have been disabled are the ones that use too much power for almost no reward, or that are just not good for your gameplay.


  • Luma and Adaptive sharpen = 0
  • Color grading = Chillwave
  • Intensity = 40

For this one, we just make sure that the sharpening that the developers have implemented will not ruin our sweet, sweet FPS and put Chillwave on to see better at night.

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