Anime Champions Simulator: Giant Raids Guide

Time to try out the new raid mechanic!

Anime Champions Simulator Giant Raids Guide

With the new update in Anime Champions Simulator comes new stuff for players to experience. They’re releasing them in waves to make people get used to the changes first. One of the new additions to the game is the Titan Trial, which contrary to popular belief isn’t a new level of difficulty. Instead, Titan Trial is an additional challenge you can add to your raids. You even get some cool permanent buffs!

In this guide, we’ll show you how Titan Raids work in Anime Champions Simulator. We’ll also show you what the rewards and mechanics are for these raids. Now, let’s see what this new raid addition is all about!

Giant Raids Guide

The new update for Anime Champions will be adding Raid Tournaments, Food Events, and even Leaderboard Chat tags. Another new addition to the game is the Giant Raid, or Titan Trial which you can activate when choosing the raid.

When you go to the Raid menu, you’ll see a new button you can toggle on the lower left of the window.

This will turn on the Titan Trial which you can do for all of the raids in the game. This is different from the Raid difficulty, and you can choose to have easy or even Nightmare Titan Raids.

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Anime Champions Simulator Titan Trial Toggle

Currently, there are no bonuses for playing a Raid in higher difficulties. You don’t get chests in a Titan Trial as well so it’s best to play it on Easy.

The Titan Trial makes the bosses bigger in terms of size and even with their health with some bosses reaching around 3 to 4 times their regular health. It’s best to play this with high-level players if you want to beat Titan Raids.

When you beat a Titan Raid for the first time, you’ll get bonus upgrades. These upgrades are permanent and there are different ones from increased Drop rates to increased damage.

This is the main reason you’ll want to do Titan Raids with your friends.

Anime Champions Simulator Permanent Upgrades

That’s how Titan Raids work in the Anime Champions Simulator. Now, go out there and try to do one yourself!

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