Anime Champions Simulator: New Titan Raids Guide (Best Rewards) | Update 8

What do you get for doing these new types of raids?

Anime Champions Simulator is a Roblox game mainly revolving around collecting and defeating both heroes and villains from a wide range of popular anime and manga franchises. It is a regularly updated title, and one of the most recent additions to the game are Titan Trials, which are difficult versions of raids that have a unique set of rewards.

New Titan Raids Guide (Best Rewards) | Update 8

In Update 8, the developers added an option to turn a raid into a Titan Trial. It will require multiple players with powerful teams to comfortably clear.

When the option is turned on, it is recommended to run it on Easy as there is no real reason to go above that. Moreover, the scaling may be even harder than it already is when you turn it up.

Anime Champions Simulator raid selection

For each raid starting from the Green Planet, you will receive a very significant upgrade as a reward. Although in the raid itself, there are no chests and barely any loot for beating the boss.

After beating the first titan trial, you will receive a 25% Luck boost. This will greatly help you with your pulls.

Anime Champions Simulator first trial reward

For the Pirate Town, the boss will have an HP of 954 trillion. You can still feasibly solo in time if you have a strong enough team with high DPS and maybe a boost from a potion.

Beating this trial will give you a faster mount speed, which isn’t the best upgrade to get from such a challenge, but still a boost nonetheless.

Anime Champions Simulator second trial reward

In the Hero Academy raid, you will be faced with a boss that has three and a half quadrillion HP, which might require a bunch of players to beat within the time limit.

Upon beating it, you will be rewarded with a decent +25% drop rate upgrade. It will only get more difficult from here.

Anime Champions Simulator third trial reward

The Ninja Village titan trial will absolutely require the assistance of other, hopefully, powerful players as the boss will have a whopping 14 quadrillion HP.

It has a very good reward, however, as beating it will give you a +25% damage boost. This will help you clear normal raids much quicker, giving you more materials and skins.

Anime Champions Simulator fourth trial

After that, the next reward is a 25% experience boost, however, most, if not all players have not been able to beat the next trial due to the massive difficulty spike.

It has been speculated that one of the future rewards includes an additional equip, which will massively increase one’s damage potential.

That’s pretty much all we know about titan raids so far. Hopefully, players find ways to beat the other trials as they require a ton of DPS to actually clear within the time limit.

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