Ark Survival Ascended: Sky Base Guide

Look down on all of the primitive peasants from your very own floating base!

Ark: Survival Ascended is all about building bases and crafting all sorts of gear and structures in order to survive in its incredibly harsh and hostile maps.

One way to make sure that you’re virtually untouchable or undetectable is making a flying base in the sky, but how exactly can you do that?

Sky Base Guide

First, you will have to tame a Quetzal, which will require you to fly around with another tame and chase it around in the air as you shoot it with tranquilizers.

The only thing to keep in mind when taming it is to watch out for any nearby predators, as they can be eaten by hostiles while it’s sleeping on the ground.

Ark taming quetzal

Once you have a specific platform saddle equipped on it, you can begin constructing your flying base by putting down various structures on its back.

Anything you place, such as workbenches and beds, do not weigh anything. However, it should be noted that resources placed inside such structures will add to the creature’s weight limit.

Also, standing on top of the Quetzal will gradually drain its stamina. It’s generally a good idea to not let it go down to zero, but some players have noted that it will continue to hover in the air without stamina.

Ark structures on quetzal

Examples of structures that you can place on top of a Quetzal include a Tek trough, generators, various crafting benches, and even beds.

There is a limit of 40 structures, so keep that in mind when building.

On the other hand, you cannot place stuff like turrets, an industrial forge, or a cryofridge on it. However, this does not make it any less useful as you can still do a lot of endgame crafting here.

With these features, you can create what is essentially a fully mobile base that you can fly all the way up to the barrier at the top of the map, where it won’t be visible unless you go high enough.

This can be great for PVP servers, as you can safely conceal some of your more important structures and resources in a desolate part of the map where nobody will accidentally stumble into it.

Ark flying base

That is pretty much everything you need to know about making a flying base on Ark: Survival Ascended. It will take quite a bit of time and grinding to actually make one, but it is definitely worth it if you value mobility and safety!

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