Ark Survival Ascended: Tek Tier Guide

A brief guide on the Tek tier equipment and structures in Ark Survival Ascended!

Tek tier gear and structures are essentially the endgame content of Ark: Survival Ascended, and it will take you quite long time to actually reach this point unless you grind all day and night.

With that said, this is a brief guide on how you can make it to this point and what you can do once you reach it.

Tek Tier Guide

First up, you will need to get tekgrams by defeating the 3 bosses in the game at different difficulty levels (Gamma, Beta, and Alpha).

The hardest difficulty, Alpha, will give you the most rewards and will unlock everything from the lower levels if you haven’t beaten them yet.

Tek tier building components generally have the highest health in the game when compared to other structures.

Fully-built Tek buildings will also provide both hypothermic and hyperthermic insulation.

Ark tek foundation

Tek Tier Equipment

You can craft a full body Tek suit that grants all kinds of special abilities and bonuses that will guarantee your survival in the game’s harsh elements.

There are also special saddles that grant certain dinosaurs new abilities, such as being able to fire projectiles at enemies.

You can also craft various Tek weapons, including a rifle and grenades. The Tek Binoculars are one of the new additions to the game, and it allows you to see all of a dinosaur’s stats and other details.

Ark tek binoculars

Crafting In The Tek Tier

When it comes to crafting Tek tier stuff, you will need the Tek Replicator, which you can get from any of the three bosses at any difficulty level.

The Tek Replicator allows you to craft pretty much anything in the game, making it an incredibly convenient workstation to have in the later stages of your career.

In addition to that, the Tek Dedicated Storage boxes can store a virtually limitless number of resources (one type per box) and can be utilized for wireless crafting via the Tek Replicator.

Ark tek storage

Other Tek Utilities

Among the many things that you can build under the Tek tier of structures are teleporters, which come in various sizes and allow you to instantly transport yourself or even large dinosaurs across long distances.

In order to power things in your base, you will need a Tek Generator, which will work with anything within range and requires only one Element for every few hours.

Ark tek generator

With power, you can create a Tek Trough, which will automatically refrigerate food items and allow you to feed several dinosaurs with ease.

You can also construct a cloning chamber, which allows you to clone pretty much any dinosaur that you have. This gives you the opportunity to make an army of incredibly powerful tames.

Another thing you can make is a force field, which protects a relatively large radius from enemy players.

Paired with turrets, you can add extra layers of protection to your base that will keep you well-defended in PVP servers.

Ark tek forcefield

Tek Structures

Finally, certain Tek tier structures have special features that set them apart from their very primitive counterparts.

For example, fully built Tek Gateways can be set to automatically open and close whenever a friendly is nearby. You can also configure it to stay open for a certain amount of time before it closes.

Ark gate

You can also construct underwater bases by linking together Vacuum Compartments. These structures allow you to breathe underwater and will function as long as they are powered by a Tek generator.

Ark vacuum compartment

And that is all you need to know about Tek tier gear and structures in Ark: Survival Ascended. They will likely expand on this more in the future to be on par with the original version of the game, so keep an eye out for new updates!

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