ARK Love Ascended: Complete Guide | How to Unlock Everything

A quick guide on how to get everything added in the event!

With the recent passing of Valentine’s Day, the Ark Survival: Ascended developers have put out a short event called Love Ascended. With that, new items and more were added to the game for a short period. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get everything new in this event!

Complete Guide | How to Unlock Everything

Before we begin, it should be noted that event-specific recipes are all available at the Smithy. So, one section of this guide will merely show you the recipes themselves.

As for the materials, we’ll talk about them in greater detail in the following sections. Without further ado, let’s get to the event!

Installing the Mod

Upon booting up the game, go to your Mods List and search for “Love Ascended”. Click on the mod created by “studiowildcardmods” and install it. This shouldn’t take long, as it is relatively small.

You should now be set to join any server running the event. If you plan on making your own world, however, then click on Mod Settings and scroll down through “Available Mods” until you can find and activate Love Ascended.

Ark Survival Ascended Love Ascended mod menu showing more details about it

Finding Love Bugs

First of all, in order to craft most of the event stuff, you will need to hunt down Love Bugs for their hearts. These creatures can spawn anywhere on the map, and they are almost always at a high level.

Because of how deadly they can be, it is best to be well-equipped with your strongest armor and weapons as you roam around. Preferably, you should be using a ranged weapon as they do attack from a distance.

Ark Survival Ascended love bug standing on the beach

Fishing for Chocolate & Candy

In addition to Love Bugs, there are also special types of Coelacanths that you can reel in during the event. These are basically special versions of the fish that will give you boxes of chocolate, chibis,and love evolved candy.

NOTE: You can also get these resources via breeding, but this method is rather slow and unreliable compared to fishing.

In order to catch them, you will need to craft a Lovely Fishing Rod from the Smithy (as with every other event item). Apart from that, you will also be using Love Bug Hearts as bait, so keep on farming those!

The following resources are required for each Lovely Fishing Rod:

  • 50x Fiber
  • 20x Thatch
  • 12x Wood
  • 1x Love Bug Heart

After making one of these and getting some bait, just head over to your favorite fishing spot and get to work. You’ll know when you see the Vday Coelacanths as they are pink and have hearts floating over their heads.

Ark Survival Ascended player fishing using the event-specific fishing rod

The Event Items

In the Smithy interface, you will find the Holiday tab that contains all of the event-specific stuff that you can craft. The majority of them are purely cosmetic, and here are all of the categories and recipes:


Most of the skins under this category merely require a couple of Box o’ Chocolates and Love Evolved Dino Candy (typically two of each), with a few needing some Love Bug Hearts as well.

Here are the different skins you can make:

  • Odd Couple Swim Bottom
  • Odd Couple Swim Top
  • Heart Spring Headband
  • Sauropod Heart Swim Bottom
  • Sauropod Heart Swim Top
  • BearHug Swim Top
  • BearHug Swim Bottom
  • Cuddle Rex Sweater
  • Heart-shaped Shield
  • Cupid Couture Top
  • Cupid Couture Bottom
  • Halo Headband
  • Heart-shaped Sunglasses


  • Self Hug Emote – 2x Box o’ Chocolates, 2x Love Evolved Dino Candy


  • Lovely Bed Skin – 5x Box o’ Chocolates, 20x Love Bug Hearts, and 5 Love Evolved Dino Candy


  • Love Shackles Skin (handcuffs) – 1x Box o’ Chocolates, 2x Love Evolved Dino Candy, 3x Fiber, 4x Metal
  • Lovely Fishing Rod – See fishing section above.


  • Bow & Eros Skin 3x Box o’ Chocolates, 4x Love Evolved Dino Candy, 5x Fiber, 10x Wood
  • Teddy Bear Grenades Skin – 2x Box o’ Chocolates, 4x Love Evolved Dino Candy, 5x Fiber, 2x Wool
Ark Survival Ascended player wearing one of the Love Ascended cosmetic items

Other Miscellaneous Features

The Love Evolved Dino Candies can also give dinosaurs a temporary movement speed boost and color palette change upon consumption.

In the same vein, Boxes o’ Chocolate can be fed to dinosaurs to fully heal them and drastically reduce their mating cooldown. It can also give a significant taming boost if used on a wild dino.

Various wild creatures will also occasionally spawn with some Valentines-themed colors. If you’re into that sort of thing, feel free to start taming them whenever you see one!

Ark Survival Ascended taming a female stegosaurus with a box o' chocolates

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the new stuff added in this limited-time event. If you’re playing on a PVP server and want to keep your valuable event resources safe, check out our guide on how to build a sky base in Ark Survival: Ascended!


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