Ark Survival Ascended: Tek Suit Special Abilities Guide

What can you do with this endgame suit of armor?

In Ark: Survival Ascended, once you progress far enough into the game, you will eventually reach the Tek tier for both equipment and buildings.

At this point, you may be considering getting yourself a full Tek Suit. Here is a quick guide on what’s in store for you once you manage to unlock and craft your very own set of Tek armor!

Tek Suit Special Abilities Guide

Each piece of Tek armor (five total) will give you 180 armor each, and they all have a durability of 300, making them extremely tough and long-lasting.

They also provide a high amount of heat and cold resistance.

To be able to craft the whole set, you must defeat the 3 main bosses in the game. It is absolutely worth it, however, due to all of the special perks that come with every piece (which may require Element to activate).

Ark tek armor

Tek Helmet

The Tek Helmet provides you with various vision-related benefits as well as the Ability to safely breathe underwater due to its ability to grant you infinite oxygen.

By holding the R button on your keyboard, you can switch between the helmet’s different visor modes and switch it on or off.

Its different modes will either grant you night vision or highlight both friendly, hostile, and neutral entities within your line of sight.

Ark highlighting visor

Tek Chestpiece

The Tek Chestpiece comes with a built-in jetpack that allows you to fly into the air as long as you have fuel in it by holding the spacebar.

Holding the shift key while flying will let you strafe across the air as well.

This can be incredibly useful for traveling up mountains and raiding bases with high walls. Just make sure to have some Element with you in case you run out of fuel.

Ark jetpack

Tek Leggings

The Tek Leggings allow you to run at an incredibly fast speed while holding down the Ctrl button. While doing so, you can break through rocks, trees, and more. You can also run across water.

While over-encumbered, you can also hold Ctrl to walk around as long as you are wearing powered-up Tek Leggings.

This allows you to manually transport lots of items at a somewhat slow speed if absolutely necessary.

Ark full weight

Tek Gauntlets

The Tek Gauntlets allow the wearer to deliver a super punch that is charged up by holding down the right mouse button.

This has a base damage of 450, and you can use it for harvesting certain resources.

Paired with other Tek armor pieces, you can also use it to punch things from the air. This can be utilized as both an offensive move or purely for mobility purposes.

Ark gauntlets charged punch

Tek Boots

Finally, the Tek Boots, while powered, can prevent you from taking fall damage regardless of the distance that you fell from.

You can also use it to climb up steep slopes, including really tall mountains. They essentially function like gravity boots, preventing you from slipping down and protecting you from fall damage if you somehow do.

Ark climbing

And that is everything you need to know about each piece of the Tek armor set in Ark: Survival Ascended. It is something that you can work towards in the later stages of the game, and the grind to getting them is definitely worth it!

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