Ark Survival Ascended: Reindeer Guide | Location & Loot

Sorry Rudolph, Santa could not make it in today.

Christmas celebrations are in full force if you log into Ark Survival Ascended. Players can now enjoy the wonderful Xmas in game event courtesy of the Winter Wonderland Mod that you can install.

The Mod completely changes up the normal content that you are used to with fun festive season themes on the Dinos and items.

Reindeers are one such type of Dinos that you can find in this update. But what exactly is special about them? Where can you find them and how can they be used to get some nice loot?

We will cover everything in this guide. Let’s dive in and fly away on Santa’s Sleigh!

Reindeer Guide

Before we get into everything related to the Reindeer, you will first need to ensure that the Winter Wonderland update is actually activated when you launch the game.

If you’re having trouble with this part, check out this how to play Winter Wonderland single player or on Unofficial Server.

Once that is taken care of, make sure you spawn into the game. Now, you will need to first find the Reindeers.

As is the case with Reindeers, you can only find them in the Snow Biome. Below is a map with custom markers showing two spots where Reindeers tend to often spawn.

Reindeer location on map in Ark Survival Ascended.

Look around these areas and you should be able to find one. Alternatively, you can even try out the Dino Finder Mod that you can download from the Steam Workshop.

A very handy tool that can allow you to locate any Dino really quickly with a marker.

Dino Finder Mod in Ark Survival Ascended.

Eventually, you should be able to find a Reindeer with these methods. Once you do so, approach the Reindeer and make sure you have a Rockarrot in your Inventory.

You will get the option to feed the Reindeer; feeding the Reindeer is necessary if you want to use it.

Feeding Rockarrot to Reindeer in Ark Survival Ascended.

When you feed a Reindeer, you will automatically sit on top of it and start flying in the air. At the same time, a small mini game will initiate – where you will have to line up the Rockarrot with the marker indicated by pressing the F key.

The minigame will appear every few seconds and you need to succeed every single time. Otherwise, the Reindeer will throw you off and you will be facing quite a fall! 

The game progressively gets harder with time and can be a big issue when you’re playing on official servers, because lag can throw off your timing.

Rockarrot Reindeer mini game in Ark Survival Ascended.

For every successful lineup of the Rockarrot in the mini game, you will get x3 Mistletoe and x3 Coal.

Both of these are crucial resources that you can use to craft a variety of items in the game, including Cosmetics at the Smithy.

Additionally, you can use these Resources to get good loot from the Pegomastax Grouch, by crafting Gift Boxes.

Mistletoe and Coal in Ark Survival Ascended.

Besides that, you can use the Reindeer flying mechanic to travel large distances, which has a lot of potential if you want to escape PvP situations.

However, at some point, the Reindeer will throw you off as it is incredibly difficult to keep being successful with the mini game.

Additionally, the Reindeer fly time lasts for a limited time anyway. Controlling the Reindeer can also be incredibly difficult as you can only really turn it and not dictate the movement and speed.

So, the main way you want to use it is to farm Resources for getting Loot.

Flying on Reindeer in Ark Survival Ascended.

That’s everything you need to know about the Reindeer in the Winter Wonderland update added to Ark Survival Ascended. A very fun gameplay mechanic that you can utilize with the Reindeer if you have the Rockarrot with you.

Make sure that you have quite a few stocked up. You will need to keep feeding it to the Dino during the entire mini game and journey.

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