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Atelier Ryza 3 – How To Create All 4 Element Philosopher Stone

Don’t huff the cauldron fumes!

With the massive amount of items that you can craft out of your black pot it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed with all the weird magical jargon and numbers you’re seeing all the time.

You wouldn’t even know if what you’re making is worth anything until you realize that you might have already made a mistake or two. This would be the case for the mystical 4 Element Philosopher Stone that you can craft in Atelier Ryza 3.

If you want to know more about how you can imbue the powers of the avatar inside of a rock then give the guide a quick look-see, you might even earn something just as valuable along the way!

How To Create All 4 Element Philosopher Stone – Atelier Ryza 3

Now there has been a little bit of confusion since some players can’t get all four elements inside of the Philosophers Stone, we’re not saying it’s not impossible though.

This is magic after all, so here’s what you’re going to need to make a set for yourself.

So you might think that there is no real way to get all 4 elements since the effects seem to overwrite each other.

Well first, you can throw in the first four items necessary to actually create the item and get the final effect spread ability.

Once you get all the abilities on the final tier which includes Element Value + 4, Effect Spread + 4, Synth Quantity + 3, and Add Air bring up all of the secret keys that you’ve acquired and choose either Fire, Ice, Bolt, or Air for your Effect filter.

On a side note, you can get Secret Keys from creating pristine keys via synthesis and use them around enemies or landmarks. You can use these keys for battle or while you’re just roaming around OR you can use them during synthesis.

For now we’ll stick with fire since that’s what we’re missing, all that’s left to do is craft the item and get it all the way up to S Rank to get the final set of element value boosts that you need in order to rank up.

For maximum efficiency you can also use the super trait called super concentration which adds +5 to the element value if you’re ever in possession of an ether core.

Now for the Olden Philosophers Stone you will have to make a few changes to your approach. First make a crystal element with no effect spread, once you’ve created that you can add the fire effect without having to worry about adding air.

Throw that into the first slot and just add in the remaining core ingredients as necessary while avoiding air and the puniball effect.

Bring up your keys again, and this time use an ice element. It doesn’t matter much which specific key you use, as long as it has ice in it somewhere you’ll good enough to go.

Now go rebuild that item and throw in some wind elements in the puniball slot and lock the item. We should have the sand and puniball category with a huge effect spread along with a high element value.

This alone will allow you to craft 95% of the items in pretty much one item use, and you can do this with other items as well!

With all of that you should have no more problems shoving in all four elements into any items of your choice, remember to keep the quality and level up if you want to get more SP out of what you’re doing as well!

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