Atelier Ryza 3 – Ultimate Armor Guide

Want an all-round good armor? Look no further!

Atalier Ryza has blown up recently with the power of cute anime girls and alchemy and I’m sure something else as well! The series has blown up to the point where it’s getting its own Anime and it’s thanks to the amazing protagonist of the game, Ryza!

The Atelier series isn’t just about Ryza though since it’s a long-standing series encompassing a lot of different alchemist characters. The game even has a complex crafting and alchemy system, and, in this guide, we’ll show you what the best overall armor you can get in the game! Now let’s get to some Synthesis!

Ultimate Armor Guide For Atelier Ryza 3

By best armor in the game, we’re talking about armor that you can easily make that’s suited for a wide range of roles. This isn’t hyper-specialized armor but more of a great all-rounder. The armor that we’re going to make is the Armanoir and these are the things you need to do in order to make it one of the best armors in the game!

For the Metal Effects go for Grand Ingots like the Grand Orgen. For the Jewel it’s important to use the Philosopher’s Stone to unlock all the traits. Also remember to add in Dark Glittering Oval.

Try to use Grand Orgens on all of the metal slots. You’ll also need to use a Key with the best effect being Quantity Up L so that we can throw in more Grand Orgens.

Once you have the armor up you can then go and do Item Rebuilding. While doing so remember to add Philosopher’s Stones and make sure all the abilities are maxed out. Remember we’re going for the traits HP Charge++, ATK & DEF Charge++ and Stats Charge++.

For the Super Trait we’ll want to have Lion Rush which lowers are Defense by 20 but increases ATK and SPD by a whopping 80 points!

Once you have the armor you can then Reinforce it with whatever stat bonuses you want. You can add Defense since it’s an armor and to make sure you get that reduced Defense back up. The finished armor should be something like the one below.

Congratulations you now know how to make one of the best general armor there is in Atelier Ryza 3, now go out there and try to make one of these!

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