Atelier Ryza 3: How To Find The Gold Puni

A quick guide on how to find a Gold Puni.

Finding rare enemies in an RPG game is always a treat. Usually, these enemies are hard to kill and can be tougher than some of the bosses in the game (in the early potions of the game, at least). However, there’s a reason why rare enemies are rare: they are hard to find. In Atelier Ryza 3, there are a lot of rare enemies that you can find and fight in the game that require a specific way to go about it. In this guide, we will show you how to find the Gold Puni.

How To Find The Gold Puni – Atelier Ryza 3

Use Keys with Appearance of Rare Monsters Effect

The only method of getting a Gold Puni is to summon by using a key with the Appearance of Rare Monsters effect. There is no way to actually find a Gold Puni out in the wild. Regular Puni’s are easy to find no doubt, but Gold Puni’s are pretty much not in the open world at all. So, this is why keys wit hthe Appearance of Rare Monsters effect is valuable.

However, you need to know a couple of things. The first thing you need to know is that it is not confirmed if the rarity of the key increases the chances of spawning a Gold Puni. So far, users have reported that they are able to spawn one just by using a Rare key with the effect on it.

Second thing is that the Gold Puni can spawn anywhere, but it is extremely hard to do so because of the low chance. Being around regular Puni’s might help, but that is unconfirmed either. It might take a while, but hunting rare monsters isn’t easy.

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