Atelier Ryza 3: Complete Skill Tree Guide

Nodes upon nodes.

Even though this is Ryza’s final adventure, you still have a massive skill tree introduced to you that you have no idea how to navigate. Sure you can just pick whatever has the best-sounding description or buff and move around the place uncontrollably, but a small voice in the back of your head just tells you that this simply won’t do.

You might end up getting something that you don’t need yet up until a certain point, that’s a waste of SP, and nobody wants to do another hour-long quest to make up for a simple mistake so check out this Skill Tree Guide to know more!

Complete Skill Tree Guide – Atelier Ryza 3

The skill tree in Atelier Ryza 3 is something you’re going to be looking at for a decent amount of time if you ever want to make an efficient build so do be careful every time you get assigned more SP while you’re busy questing about.

Now if you look closely, you’ll notice that the skill tree branches off into four separate directions. If you’ve been reading, then you’ll notice that every direction has a category of some sort.

Going up will lead you toward more alchemy upgrades, heading towards the right gets you recipes for craftable items, left will lead you to the Emerald Band, and down will have weapon and armor recipes.

The more nodes you unlock, the more will be revealed to you, and the more expensive they’ll get as well.

So how do you get more SP for the skill tree aside from doing quests? Well, a good way is through Synthesis.

Whenever you synthesize something, you will gain SP based on two main factors: the level of the item, and how many of the material loops you fill out while synthesizing. You will also get a bonus to your SP if you’re synthesizing an item for the first time.

You can get skills like Duplication and benefit from this further with Item Rebuilding too!

If you want even more SP, then you have to get more Rebuild Levels, because the higher level you rebuild, the better quality of the items you synthesize.

In each direction of the skill tree will lie an SP up node as well, granting you 10% more SP, this can get as high as 80% the further down you go.

And that’s all you need to know to move around the skill tree, remember to keep synthesizing and improving the quality of your items if you want to bump those numbers up.

Eventually, you won’t even know what to do with the SP you’re getting!

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