Best 5 Indie Games Of 2022

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There’s been a lot of big triple A developers out there that have been releasing their games in 2022, from Elden Ring to God of War Ragnarok, and despite that we’ve also had some flops as well. The triple A gaming space used to have nothing but bangers but now we’ve seen a dozen buggy and unfinished game launched with large publishers and developers backing them up. Still, there’s one section of the gaming sphere that we should always rely on and that’s the indie scene. These are some of the top Indie games that came out for 2022 for those who want to find some amazing new games.

Indie Games: Best 5 Of 2022

The Indie game development scene has slowly been growing for a while now. We’ve had small games go big like Stardew Valley, Terraria, Hades and Dead Cells. Games that have garnered thousands of fans and became ever bigger than any of their developers can imagine. Indie gaming is an integral part of the gaming ecosystem and is a great way to see what games look like when the developers just focus on a vision or just plain old fun instead of profits and weird buzz words. Here are some of the great Indie games you can try out.

Nobody Saves The World

You play as a literal nobody, a formless being that finds a magical wand that helps you take a form to save the world. A nice fun story that actually has some great writing, amazing and stylized visuals and a progression system that keeps the game engaging. Not to mention that the game has co-op! Not even Halo has that these days! This game is just filled with fun so go out there and try saving the world, you nobody!

Songs of Conquest

Heroes of Might and Magic rejoice as there’s a spiritual successor the the series that you love and it’s called Songs of Conquest, and no we’re not talking about the more recent Heroes of Might and Magic, more like the first 3. This game doesn’t have that much factions yet but the game is still in development and what’s in it is already great and gives you a trip back when turn based strategy games were kings of gaming. Not to mention you can also play this with friends and see who can make the most broken builds as possible, just like the old days!


If you’re not a fan of the newer 3D Pokemon games out there, and let’s face it, for a multi-million company their games sure look bad these days, then look no further! Coromon is a game that’s akin to the old 2D Pokemon games that has some of the features like shinies and even nuzlock baked into the game for players to enjoy. If you want to see an alternate universe where the Pokemon games continued with the 2D style then try this game out.


It’s a city builder, but with decks. And they say a castle made out of cards can easily be toppled, not this one if you play your cards right, literally! If you’ve played games like Cultist Simulator then you know that card games can really be combined with any other genre and still turn out amazing. In this game you have to try and build a thriving town, managing resource cards, technology cards and people cards as the game gets more complex the longer you play. It’s an amazing and simple looking game with a great twist.


Nothing beats the good old classic action-adventure genre. You have your hero, worlds and dungeons to explore, enemies to defeat and puzzles to solve. From the first Final Fantasy to the games like Breath of the Wild it’s a constant, we want our adventure and Tunic is a game that can give you that. Tunic is an Isometric action adventure game where you play as a cute small fox looking for a big adventure. See amazing sights, defeat cool enemies and solve puzzles as this game brings you memories of simpler times like the first Zelda games.

These are all of the amazing indie games that you can try out and of course there’s more out there. We should always try to support those Indie developers because in a world that is slowly turning to corporate and profit-driven video game development, it’s nice to know that there are still developers out there with passion and tries to make a good game first before anything else!

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