Nobody Saves The World: How To Complete The Laser Puzzle

Our technique is easy, simply dodge and block!

Nobody Saves the World is a top-down perspective action game developed by Drinkbox Studios Inc. The game provides a solo and multiplayer playing experience. As a player you have the opportunity to explore the open world and dungeons; you have the task of completing quests and objectives to gain experience and upgrades.

How To Complete The Laser Puzzle – Nobody Saves The World

There are several techniques to complete this puzzle. One of which is by blocking using a shield that will allow you to pass through the lasers.

You can also use a combination of block and dodge.

When there is one laser barrier in front of you, go through it with the dodge. And when there are more laser obstacles, go through them with a block. This combination of dodge and block is the best way to pass through the lasers and complete this puzzle.

NOTE: You can place the block on any character: a ranger or a guard. It’s really up to you. What matters is the technique.

Remember that to cross an obstacle faster, the dodge option is the best one to pick.

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