Nobody Saves The World: How To Swim Guide

Be one with the water by reverting to a swimming character!

You will certainly reach a point where you need to know how to swim in Nobody Saves the World. But to do that you need to unlock the right abilities.

How To Swim Guide: Nobody Saves The World

So, how can you swim in Nobody Saves The World? There are two forms of characters in the game that you can swim with.

In the tree of abilities, if you are on the right side of the Ranger, go to Slag and upgrade it; at the end you’ll have Mermaid who has the ability to swim.

On the other hand, you have the Guard, you can advance it on the horse and finally advance it into the turtle.

Our suggestion is to focus on one side and advance it until you successfully upgrade either the Ranger or Guard as a swimming character.

In addition, with swimming, you will have more opportunities to find frequencies and rewards.

So it can be said that it is profitable to open this ability at the beginning of the game.

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Nobody Saves The World: How To Survive A Blow From Ratbane

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