Nobody Saves The World: Is There Ultra-Wide Support?

Explore this new world with the widest view ever!

New RPG game, Nobody Saves the World delivers constant fun with its adventurous top-down view perspective. The ability to mix abilities, switch between 15 different unlockable forms and many other features adorn this game.

Certainly, the open world that is flooded with monsters, the fungus that contributes to the authenticity of the game, and your character whose objective is to find the most powerful wizard, Nostramagus.

Is There Ultra-Wide Support | Nobody Saves The World

So does this great game cover the ultra-wide gaming experience?

Fortunately, Nobody Saves the World can be played in a 21:9 ultra-wide resolution which will certainly give you a better field of vision.

What you just need to do is adjust the resolution to make it compatible with the resolution of your monitor.

The resolution available is the maximum resolution that this game provides but it is quite enough because it is still a top-down perspective.

Some players encountered problems with two black bars when they played the ultra-wide game but I still think it comes down to exceptions.

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