Black Clover M: Complete Witch Queen Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

The one and only Witch Queen guide you’ll ever need!

Witch Queen is finally coming to the global version of Black Clover M. Therefore, we think it is the best time to take a look at this powerful character’s abilities and the best build you can get for it.

The Queen of Witches is a very powerful character that has attracted the attention of players ever since its release in Black Clover M. Let’s see which skills, gear, and talents you should upgrade for this character and use her efficiently.

Complete Witch Queen Guide

Witch Queen is a Healer class character with SSR rarity and power type who is powerful against sense characters but weak against technique. This character has a very high place in Black Clover M Tier Lists, so you might want to learn more about its skills, gear, and talents.

Witch Queen in Black Clover M.

Witch Queen Skills

The Queen of Witches has very powerful skills that are focused on magical abilities. She has three magical skills in total; let’s examine each skill one by one.

Witch Queen in Black Clover M.

Grasp of Fresh Blood

  • [Skill 1] [Single] [ATK: 80%] [MATK: 80%]

Damage an enemy by quickly casting blood magic. Upon performing this skill, she deals continuous damage to an enemy for two turns after inflicting a bleed. Then, she gives a defender ally an HP recovery equal to 15% of their maximum HP.

At the beginning of the turn, Bleed takes damage equal to 5% of one’s maximum HP.

Chamber of Blood

  • [Skill 2] [AoE] [3 turns] [ATK: 60%] [MATK: 60%]

All enemies are harmed by the blood-thorny thorns that emerge from the ground. 50% of the damage done to an enemy for two turns will be continuous poison, bleed, and burn charges.

Burn causes damage equal to 20% of ATK and 20% of M.ATK at the start of your turn. Poison begins each turn with damage equal to 5% of its maximum HP. It stacks one time only.

Bloodstain of Destruction

  • [Special Skill] [AoE] [ATK: 125%] [MATK: 125%]

Large, sharp blood thorns emerge from the ground and inflict damage on all enemies.

Deals constant damage to an opponent for three turns while causing bleeding. Gives all allies 50% lifesteal for two turns. Increases one ally’s HP to 30% of their maximum HP by setting their DEF to the highest level.

Combined Attack

  • [ATK: 65%] [MATK: 65%]

Performs a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage to an enemy. Grants the partnered mage HP recovery equal to 60% of their max HP.

Witch Queen in Black Clover M.

Witch Queen Gear

When we take a look at the witch queen’s stats, we see that she is not one of the fastest characters you can get in the game. This is what we are mostly going to focus on while choosing the best gear for her. A DPS player on the opposing team will quickly destroy your unit if it is slow.

Witch Queen Skills in Black Clover M.

Therefore, try to focus on speed when equipping gear for your Queen of Witches. Use higher point-speed equipment.

Witch Queen best gear options in Black Clover M.

If you do not want to focus on speed completely, you can also add a couple of defense trait equipment as well.

While you can also give her a full HP set, we do not recommend you do that. Once again, your speed is going to be low, and your unit is going to be weak as a health unit. The only time that giving her an HP set is going to work is when you manage to get your Witch Queen to LR+ status.

To summarize this part, you should focus on Speed > Defense > Health.

Witch Queen Gear in Black Clover M.


When it comes to accessories, it might be tough to get your hands on different types of accessories. That is why you should try to use whatever you already have. But our pick in this section would be focusing on the defense. Try to use as many accessories that have the defense trait as you can.

Witch Queen accessory options in Black Clover M.

Talent Tree

There are three sections of the talent tree, the red one mostly focuses on the attack, the blue one is to choose which kind of defensive (including health increase) traits you need, and the green one is to focus on your talents.

Witch Queen skill tree in Black Clover M.

For the red part of the talent tree, you can increase the skills below:

  • 7% Magic Attack Increase
  • 2.5% Crit Rate

Once again, you do not have to focus on the Witch Queen’s attack stats, so do not prioritize this. However, if you would like to use your skill points on this, you simply can.

Witch Queen red talent tree in Black Clover M.

For the blue part, you can use your skill points on:

  • 20% Defense
  • 4% Defense and 2% Crit Rate

Another combination you can use is:

  • 4% Defense and 2% Crit Rate
  • 5% Health Increase

It is up to you and how you want to play your Queen of Witches. But our recommendation is the first combination.

Witch Queen blue talent tree in Black Clover M.

Now, let’s take a look at the green section of the skill tree. For this part, we advice you to use the combination below.

  • 20% Chance of Reset
  • 10% Damage Resistance
Witch Queen green talent tree in Black Clover M.

Skill Page

Now, when it comes to Witch Queen, skill pages are not that important. However, if you have her original skill page, you can feel free to use it to make her stronger. The Queen of Witches’ skill page is Imperfect.

When you apply it to her, she gains a passive skill that provides her a 40/100% chance to offer all of her companions a 70/85% [increased DEF] buff for two turns whenever an enemy hits her while she is taking continuous [bleed] damage.

Witch Queen Imperfect Skill Page in Black Clover M.

To be precise, your unit’s skill will change from:

  • 50% to inflict continuous [Poison], [Bleed], and [Burn] damage on an enemy for 2 turn(s).

to this one,

  • 50% to inflict continuous [Poison], [Bleed], and [Burn] damage on an enemy for 2 turn(s).
  • Inflicts a [Reduced HP Recovery Received Lv. 4] debuff on an enemy for turn(s).
Witch Queen Imperfect Skill Page showcase in Black Clover M.

If you do not have the Imperfect skill page, you can also use the Breath of Wind skill page as well. This one will:

  • Give yourself immunity to [status changes] for 1 turn(s) at the start of each wave. Grants [HP Recovery] equal to 7% of your HP to yourself upon being affected by a status change.

It is not that easy to get the skill page you want, so if you do not have either of these pages, try to work with whatever you have. However, make sure to focus on health or defense to make your unit survive longer during the battle.

Breath of Wind skill page in Black Clover M.

Best Team Combinations

Lastly, we are going to show you the best team combinations you can use with Queen of Witches. We have five teams in total. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Black Asta, Witch Queen, Finral, and Halloween Charmy.
  2. Black Asta, Witch Queen, Golden Dawn Yuno, and Halloween Charmy.
  3. Black Asta, Witch Queen, S5 Charlotte, and William.
  4. Black Asta, Witch Queen, Swimsuit Noelle, and Halloween Charmy.
  5. Black Asta, Witch Queen, S5 Charlotte, and Julius.
Best team combination for Witch Queen in Black Clover M.

This is it for our Complete Witch Queen Guide! These are our picks to get your Witch Queen to become the best healing unit in the game. Do you agree with everything in this guide? Feel free to share your own opinions by leaving a comment below.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!


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