Black Clover M: Best PVP Tier List (Season 4)

Let’s see the best PvP characters!

The official Black Clover mobile game, Black Clover M, has just entered Season 4. A lot of things are added to the game, and this includes the changes to the characters in the game. Thus, in this Black Clover M Tier List, we are going to talk about the best characters to have for PvP after this new update.

Best PVP Tier List

In this Black Clover M Best PvP Tier List, we will discuss 66 characters. This is why we will only go over the S+ and S Tiers in detail. All characters are ranked in PvP based on their damage and benefits, with S+ being the most powerful and D being the weakest.

Your best options are S and S+ Tier Characters when it comes to PvP. But if you can’t get your hands on those on the higher tiers, the B and C Tier characters below them could be good substitutes.

D Tier characters are not recommended for use in PvP, simply because there are much better alternatives to them and they are not very powerful in PvP.

Black Clover M PVP Tier List

S+ Tier

Asta (Black)

Black Asta‘s special anti-magic state, which greatly alters his abilities, allows him to mix the roles of defender and DPS quite well.

When Anti-Magic is activated, his skill set changes, adding new effects to his attacks like dispelling barriers and taunting enemies.

He also has a passive that increases his damage output based on his defense stats when his health falls below a certain threshold.

Black Clover M Black Asta

Charlotte [Clover Academy]

Because of Charlotte’s [Clover Academy] simplicity, there are fewer types of buff effects; cooperative skills are the only way to access durability-related buffs that work in tandem with counterattacks.

Black Clover M Charlotte


With a special combination of abilities that make him a valuable asset in both PvP and PvE, Julius is one of the best units in Black Clover Mobile.

His skills, particularly the passives, offer substantial benefits like speed-based damage expansion and auto-revive.

Black Clover M Julius

Lotus Whomalt

Lotus is an adaptable unit with damage and debuffing abilities. He deals substantial damage and lessens the speed and stamina of the competitors, especially when using his incapacitated ability. AOE (Area of Effect) and single-target abilities are useful in various combat scenarios.

Black Clover M Lotus Whomalt

William Vengeance

William’s counter abilities make him a formidable opponent in PvP by disturbing enemy strategies. Provides a decent balance between attack and defense, remaining relevant at different game stages.

Black Clover M William Vengeance

Noelle (Halloween)

With a small, functional devil costume, Noelle (Halloween) proves to be a formidable opponent in PvP. She has a ton of debuffs that she can use on the battlefield, such as the ability to block HP recovery, reduce SP, and lengthen debuff durations. She also has a special ability to inflict taunts.

Thus, Gaining SP when taking damage and using endurance-enhancing abilities like barriers can be advantageous when applying the awakened PS.

Black Clover M Halloween Noelle

S Tier

Noelle (Swimsuit)

If Noelle Swimsuit can move first, she can set up excellent counterattacks in PvP. She can add firepower and increase endurance by building barriers around herself or her allies.

Black Clover M Noelle Swimsuit

Yuno (Golden Dawn)

As players try to incorporate him with new characters like Charlotte and other Season 3 units in the game, Golden Dawn Yuno’s abilities have grown more and more significant. Although he is very effective in PvP, he is not very helpful in PvE.

His ability to silence the crowd and taunt them with his skills adds another layer of crowd control, troubling the enemy’s plans and hindering their ability to attack successfully.

Black Clover M Yuno Golden Dawn

Finral Roulacase

Finral enhances team speed, enabling faster attacks and possibly surpassing rivals.‍ He is perfect for teams that want to outrun the opposition during combat.

Black Clover M Finral Roulacase

Charmy (Halloween)

If you have the appropriate skill card, Halloween Charmy’s first skill stuns the opponent and ignites them with a burn effect for two turns if they are already under the [Pumpkin Pie] debuff.

Her second skill deftly explodes the [Pumpkin Pie] debuff by using the [Halloween Firecrackers] effect; timing is crucial to maximize damage.

With additional burn effects, the [Pumpkin Pie] debuff—a ticking time bomb with increasing damage that transfers between enemies—is introduced by the special skill. Therefore, it made her stronger.

Black Clover M Charmy Halloween

Fuegoleon (Clover Academy)

Fuegoleon (Clover Academy) launches several small bullets of magical flames, dealing damage to an enemy. He also conjures up an enormous pillar of flame.

Black Clover M Fuegoleon

Rades Spirito

Rades is a dependable option for prolonged engagements due to his strong defensive qualities and versatility. Improving his tanking skills adds a special shield that can withstand stuns—a vital PvP feature. He is surprisingly effective in dealing damage for a tank.

Black Clover M Rades Spirito


Valtos increases team endurance, which is essential for holding out longer fights and using more abilities.‍ His area-of-effect attacks contribute to dealing damage to multiple enemies simultaneously.

Black Clover M Valtos

Langris Vaude

One of the most potent AoE special skills in Langris Vaude‘s arsenal is Space Destruction Barrage, which deals damage to all opponents while also having a number of other effects such as impeding HP recovery, boosting favored damage for allies, and providing debuff immunity.

Black Clover M Langris Vaude

Gauche (Swimsuit)

In the Season 2 banner, Summer Gauche debuted as a support. His primary responsibilities are to spook your rolls and to buff your main damage dealer/allies, and he excels at both.

Black Clover M Gauche Swimsuit

Yami (Clover Academy)

Yami (Clover Academy) is an offensive powerhouse, particularly against red units. He is well-known for his high-damage abilities, and he is a favorite among players who want to finish content fast.

Black Clover M Yami


Mars has best-in-class defense stats, and he is essential for taking damage in both PvE and PvP.‍ Because of his hit resistance, he is also a necessity for difficult content and drawn-out battles.

Black Clover M: Mars

A Tier

  • Asta (Clover Academy)
  • Charlotte Roselei
  • Sally
  • Jack (Clover Academy)
  • Licht
  • Rill Boismortier
  • Nozel Silva
  • Kahono
  • Charmy (Swimsuit)
  • Kiato
Black Clover M Kiato

B Tier

  • Vetto
  • Leopold Vermillion
  • Noelle Silva
  • Yami Sukehiro
  • Asta (Swimsuit)
  • Theresa
  • Mimosa Vermillion
  • Vanessa Enoteca
  • Nebra Silva
  • Vetto (Despair)
  • Rhya
  • Yuno (Swimsuit)
  • Fuegoleon Vermillion
  • Luck Voltia
  • Sekke Bronzazza
  • Charmy Pappitson
  • Solid Silva
  • Gifso
  • Fana
Black Clover M Fana

B Tier

  • Magna Swing
  • Asta
  • Shiren Tuim
  • Alecdora Sandler
Black Clover M Alecdora

D Tier

  • Baro
  • Catherine
  • Geork
  • Gordon Agrippa
  • Klaus Lunettes
  • Revchi Salik
  • Neige
  • Salim de Hapshass
  • Lily
  • Sol Marron
  • Heath Grice
Black Clover Mobile Asta in battle.

This is our list of the best PvP characters in Black Clover Mobile. Do you agree with this list? Feel free to state your own opinions by leaving a comment below.

If you would like to see more guides on Black Clover M, feel free to check out our guides on Updated Black Asta, Vetto, Halloween Charmy, and many more!


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