Bloodhunt: Fix Black Screen, Infinite Loading, Crash On Launch & FPS Drops

Here is the magic fix for all your problems! (Probably…)

With a battle royale game in the world of the cult classic Vampire: The Masquerade, you better make sure you see all those frames or you’ll end up vampire food faster than you can imagine. With a little bit of advice from me and my fellow colleagues at ItemLevel, we’ve devised a list of things you can do to boost your FPS and get the best game experience you can get, even if your PC is not what it used to be…

Fix Black Screen, Infinite Loading, Crash On Launch & FPS Drops – Bloodhunt

There are many things that could be wrong with your game at this point in time, but the most important thing to figure out right now is if your rig can even handle this game…

There are the MINIMUM requirements you need to meet in order to boot up the game:

  • CPU: Intel i5-7400/AMD Ryzen 1300X
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 970/Radeon RX 580

As you can clearly see, a PC older than 7-8 years will not be able to run this, so make sure your pieces are up to date.


The first thing we will do after making sure you can even run the game is fix some things in the settings of the game.

Here are how some of your settings should look like:

  • V-Sync = OFF
  • Display Mode = Full Screen
  • AMD FSR 1.0 = Ultra (If you have and AMD processor)
  • Anti-Aliasing = FXAA

These changes should boost your FPS by a lot and will get you to play this as close to the real thing as possible.

Now, if you have bigger problems than FPS drops, then here is what you should do:

Verify The Integrity Of The Game Files

Whether you got the game on Steam or Epic Games, the method should be similar:

  1. Launch the Steam/Epic Games client
  2. Go to your “Library” (Make sure you’ve logged into your account)
  3. Right-click “Bloodhunt” / Click the “…” next to the game on Epic Games
  4. Then click on “Properties” / Click “Verify” for Epic Games (Skip step 5)
  5. Select the “Local Files” tab and then click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files…”
  6. Wait for the task to complete

Once the process is done, just restart your launcher, then your game and see if everything works well. All the problems should have been fixed.

Update Visual C++ Redistributables and DirectX

Sometimes you just need to make sure all your updates are up to date. That includes the Visual C++ Redistributables and DirectX.

Here’s how you update them:

  1. Press the Windows key + I to open the settings menu. In here, click “Update & Security”
  2. Click the “Check for updates” in the “Windows Updates” tab

Usually, the problem should be fixed in a few seconds and all will be well.

You can go to the official download page for both and download what you need and install them yourself.

When this is done, restart your computer and let’s see if all is well. If not, here is something else we can try:

Out-of-date GPU Drivers and Operating System

As said earlier, we need to make sure that everything is up to date. These might be much more important than the ones from before.

To check if you’re up to date, go to your Windows Update settings and see if your Operating System is updated or not.

As for the GPU, search for Device Manager in your Start menu. Click on it, move over to display adapters, right-click your GPU, and select “update driver”.

After this is done, you should restart your computer and see if everything works well.

Allow Controlled Folder Access To The Game

Something that Microsoft has designed to ruin our fun is to protect our Safe Files.

This is how you make Windows let your game mess with your files in peace:

  1. Select the Windows key
  2. Go into “Settings”, then “Update & Security”, “Windows Security” and, finally, “Virus & threat protection”
  3. In here, click the “Manage settings” option
  4. Right below “Controlled folder access”, click “Manage Controlled folder access”
  5. Switch the “Controlled folder access” from “On” to “Off”

If this did not fix your problems, here is the last and final choice:

Wait For An Update

The game is still in Early Access and it’s riddled with bugs and problems. If all these methods did not fix it for you and you’ve seen some reviews complaining about the same problem: give up (for now).

The problem should be fixed in the near future if the developers are made aware of it and all you need is patience.

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