Blox Fruits: Complete Boss Guide (Location, Loot & More)

Saber Sword? Pilot Helmet? We gotchu.

Blox Fruits: Complete Boss Guide (Location, Loot & More)

With so many levels and areas in Blox Fruits, it can be quite the chore to remember where each boss is, which this guide aims to provide. If you’re having problems trying to find a boss that drops certain equipment, look no further. Here’s a full list of Blox Fruits bosses and their loot!

Complete Boss Guide (Location, Loot & More)

There are many bosses in Blox Fruits. We’re going to list out where you can find these bosses and what they drop. Refer below to quickly go to which boss you want to find.

First Sea

Gorilla King (Level 20)

The Gorilla King is a boss in Jungle Island. This is a Level 20 boss that you can find from the slightly detached island behind the one where the Quest NPC is.

Blox Fruits Jungle Island NPC location.

This is what the Gorilla King looks like.

Blox Fruits Jungle Island Gorilla King.

Bobby (Level 55)

Next is Bobby in Pirate Village. From the quest NPC, past the arch go up the stairs and go left. Bobby is standing on the terrace of a building above white stairs.

Bobby boss in Pirate Village.

Yeti (Level 105)

Head to the Frozen Village and the boss Yeti can be easily seen from the NPC, on the slightly higher platform here.

Yeti boss in Blox Fruits on Frozen Village.

Mob Leader (Level 120)

Start from where you grind for Brutes and then go into the sea. Sail towards this island right here and go into the cave to find the Mob Leader.

Mob Leader boss location.

Vice Admiral (Level 130)

You can find the Vice Admiral boss on Marine Fortress island. This boss has a 10% chance to drop the Vice Admiral’s Coat. To find the boss, from the Marine quest NPC just climb up the stairs all the way to the top.

Vice Admiral boss location on Marine Fortress Island.

Saber Expert (Level 200)

The Saber Sword is a guaranteed drop from the Saber Expert. This Level 200 boss is one of the easiest to find. He’s inside the building under the Shop NPC for Blox Fruit Gacha.

Saber Expert boss who drops the Saber Sword.

Warden & Chief Warden (Level 220 and Level 230)

Next up are Warden and Chief Warden. Both bosses can be found on the Prison Island, with the Chief Warden having 5% chance to drop the Warden’s Sword.

Warden & Chief Warden bosses on Prison Island.

Swan (Level 240)

Near the Chief Warden and Warden, still on Prison Island, is the Swan. Swan has a 5% chance to drop Pink Coat. Pink Coat has +200 Health and +10% Gun Daamge.

Swan boss on Prison Island in Blox Fruits.

Magma Admiral (Level 350)

The Magma Admiral is a Level 350 boss in Magma Village. Jump inside this magma volcano to find the boss. Magma Admiral has a 10% chance to drop the Refined Musket.

Magma Admiral in Magma Village in Blox Fruits.

Fishman Lord (Level 425)

Fishman Lord is a boss in Underwater City. You can find him past the King Neptune NPC inside the Roman-style building. Fishman Lord has a 10% change to drop the Trident.

Fishman Lord boss in Underwater City.

Wysper (Level 500)

Head to Upper Skypiea and then behind these crossed brown pipes from the Mole NPC, you’ll find Wysper. Wysper has a 10% chance to drop the Bazooka.

Wysper boss in Upper Skypiea.

Thunder God (Level 575)

Still in Upper Skypiea, another boss you can fight is near the Gan Fall Adventurer quest NPC. Head to the vast area behind the big bell which is to the right from the NPC. You’ll find the Thunder God who has an 8% chance of dropping the Pole (1st Form).

Thunder God location in Upper Skypiea.

Cyborg (Level 675)

The Cyborg boss is in Fountain City located near his home on a land that’s slightly protrudes from the mainland. If you run along the end of Fountain City which is a small circle, you’ll easily find this house.

Cyborg boss location in Fountain City in Blox Fruits.

Cyborg has a 1% chance to drop the Cool Shades. The Cool Shades has +100 Energy, +100 Health, +7.5% Damage, and +17.5% Movement Speed.

Ice Admiral (Level 700)

The Ice Admiral is a boss in Frozen Village. From the small village with a few houses and the Village Quest NPC, drop down. There’s a cave underneath that you can enter to find the Ice Admiral. Hold out your key to walk into this door and spawn the Ice Admiral.

Ice Admiral in Frozen Village.

Greybeard (Level 750)

Greybeard is on Marine Fortress Island and will only respawn every 4-6 hours. You also can’t use the boss respawn pass. When he spawns, a message will pop in chat: Loud tremors are being heard from across the sea. He is right in front of the Marine Quest NPC, so you can’t miss him.

You need to kill this boss to upgrade your Bisento sword to V2. Otherwise, there’s nothing you can get from him.

Second Sea

Diamond (Level 750)

In the Kingdom of Rose, head beyond the wall to the area with giant sunflowers. This is where you can find the Diamond boss. Diamond has a 10% chance to drop the Longsword.

Diamond boss in Second Sea.

Jeremy (Level 850)

Still in the Kingdom of Rose, you can find the boss Jeremy on top of this mountain. Climb or fly up to reach there. Jeremy has a 10% chance to drop the Black Spikey Coat. The coat gives +200 Energy, +200 Health, and +7.5% Damage.

Jeremy in Kingdom of Rose.

Fujitora (Level 925)

Fujitora boss is on Green Zone. From the Marine Quest NPC, follow the dirt path and you’ll end at the boss. Fujitora has a 10% chance to drop the Gravity Cane.

How to find Fujitora boss in Green Zone.

Swan V2 or Don Swan (Level 1000)

Find the Don Swan in the Mansion in Second Sea. Killing Don Swan has a 2.5% chance of dropping the Swan Glasses and a guaranteed drop of the Swan’s Ship theme.

Dark Beard (Level 1000)

Dark Beard spawns in Dark Arena. It is not far from the Cafe Safe Zone, though it might be a tad hard to see. Below is what the island look like from afar. You need a Fist of Darkness to summon him. There’ll be a chat that reads: “The power of the darkness has been unleashed.”

Dark Beard location, Dark Arena.

Kill the Dark Beard for a 2% chance to get the Dark Coat. Dark Coat gives +600 Energy, +600 Health, and +15% Blox Fruit Damage.

Smoke Admiral (Level 1150)

The Smoke Admiral is a Level 1150 boss that you can find on Hot & Cold Island. The boss can be found in the castle beyond the wall. You have a 15% chance to get the Jitte from kiling the Smoke Admiral boss.

Smoke Admiral boss on Hot & Cold Island.

Order Boss (Level 1250)

This raid boss is a little special in that you don’t have to find him. To fight him, buy the Microchip from the Arithmethic NPC on the Hot and Cold Island located near the Smoke Admiral boss. The Microchip costs 1000 Fragments.

Use the Microchip at the lab in the lava area. Other players that want to participate can join in once the raid is open. Once it starts, players will be teleported into the raid boss fight area.

Order Boss drops the Core Brain (Fist of Darkness required), Zebra Cap and Koko (Sword). Zebra Cap gives +10% Sword Damage, -15% Blox Fruit Skills CD, +500 Energy, +100 Health.

Cursed Captain (Level 1325)

The Cursed Captain in a raid boss you can find on the Cursed Ship, on the 3rd floor in the large room with dining set. There’s a 33% chance for this boss to spawn every night and will despawn when the night ends.

Cursed Captain spawn location in Cursed Ship.

Cursed Captain has a 2.5% chance to drop the Red & Blue Spikey Coat. The Red Spikey Coat gives +250 Energy, +500 Health, and +7.5% Damage. While the Blue Spikey Coat gives +500 Energy, +250 Health, and +7.5% Damage.

Awakened Ice Admiral (Level 1400)

Go to Ice Castle and go to the top of the island into the giant castle. You will find the boss here. Awakened Ice Admiral has a 15% chance to drop the Library Key and 2.5% chance for the Hidden Key.

Use to Library Key to open the Library and learn the Death Step fighting Style. You can find this door to the right before the throne room. While the Hidden Key is for the chest in the hidden area behind the throne. This is where you get the Rengoku Sword.

Hidden area behind the throne for Hidden Key in Second Sea.

Tide Keeper (Level 1475)

The Tide Keeper is on the Forgotten Island, to be accurate on the backside which is connected by a narrow pathway. Tide Keeper has a 40% chance to drop the Water Key which is needed to learn the Sharkman Karate fighting style on this island. Tide Keeper also has a 7.5% chance to drop the Dragon Trident.

Third Sea

Stone (Level 1550)

In Port Town, Stone is the first boss that you can fight. Go to the backside of the island and follow the dirt path to the right. You’ll find the boss Stone there. Stone has a 5% chance to drop the Pilot Helmet.

Stone boss location in Third Sea in Blox Fruits.

The Pilot Helment gives +130% Movement Speed, +10% Faster Health Regenration, +250 Health, and +250 Energy.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re having a harder time on this Sea, make sure to check out our guide on how to level up fast in the Third Sea!

Island Empress (Level 1675)

In Hydra Town, just head to the long white wall with red tiled-roof. The Island Empress will be in the yard. Island Empress has a 10% chance to drop the Serpent Bow.

Location of Island Empress boss in Blox Fruits.

Kilo Admiral (Level 1750)

The Kilo Admiral is a boss thatr you can find at Great Tree. Climb up this mountain and then go into the cave to find the Kilo Admiral. Kilo Admiral has a 5% chance to drop Lei that gives +50% Health Regenration.

Kilo Admiral boss location at the Great Tree.

Captain Elephant (Level 1875)

You can find Captain Elephant boss on the Turtle Island. Follow the path until you see a huge section of the wall broken. Beyond that is the boss Captain Elephant. Captain Elephant has a 5% Chance to drop the Twin Hooks.

Beautiful Pirate (Level 1950)

The Beautiful Pirate is a boss that you can find on the Turtle Island. From the Deep Forest Area 2 Quest Giver NPC, head into the forest with mushrooms. Go into the treehouse which is surrounded by tall wooden walls. Beautiful Pirate has a 5% chance to drop the Canvander.

Beautiful Pirate boss location on the Turtle Island.

Longma (Level 2000)

Longma is a boss on Floating Turtle that you can find not far from the Turtle Adventure Quest. Boss Longma has a guaranteed Tushita Sword drop.

Longma boss location on Floating Turtle island.

Cursed Skeleton Boss (Level 2025)

Cursed Skeleton drops the Cursed Dual Katana. The requirements to find this boss includes clearing 6 trials, reaching level 2200 and mastery 350 on both the Tushita and Yama weapons. These are also the only weapons you can deal damage on the Cursed Skeleton Boss.

Head to the hill behind the Mansion and talk to the Crypt Master. Finish all of his 6 trials to get 6 Alucard Fragment necessary to summon the boss.

Soul Reaper (Level 2100)

Next, we have the Soul Reaper, a boss you can find at the Haunted Castle. It’s not hard to guess that the boss is inside the castle. Walk up the winding path upstairs and go through the doorway in the middle.

Soul Reaper needs the Hallow’s Essence to spawn. A notification in chat will appear: An unknown being has entered this world.

Soul Reaper boss location in Blox Fruits.

Soul Reaper has a guaranteed drop of the Holy Crown and a 5% chance to drop one of the Mythical swords, the Hallow Scythe. Holy Crown gives +500 Energy, +500 Health, +5% Damage, +5% Defense, and +5% Energy Regeneration.

Cake Queen (Level 2175)

The Cake Queen is a boss on Ice Cream Island. Run up the spoon which leads to the boss room where you can fight Cake Queen. Cake Queen has a 5% chance to drop the Buddy Sword.

Cake Queen location on Ice Cream Island.

Cake Prince and Dough King (Level 2300)

Both Cake Prince and Dough King are on Cake Land. They both spawn on the same place, but with different requirements.

For the Cake Prince, you have to kill 500 enemies and then speak to drip_mama NPC who stands near this building. When it spawns, there will be a notification tha reads: A dimension has spawned. Go through the portal behind the building.

The Cake Prince has 100% chance to drop the Pale Scarf that gives +15% Blox Fruit & Swords Damage, +2 Instinct Dodges, and x10 Instinct Vision Range on players. Cake Prince has 5% chance to drop the Spikey Trident.

How to spawn the Cake Prince and Dough Prince on Cake Land.

For the Dough King, you also need to have a Cake’s Chalice. When the boss spawns, the chat notification will read: A dimension worthy of a God has spawned.

Dough King has a guaranteed drop for Pale Scarf and 15% chance to drop the Spikey Trident. Dough King also drops the Red Key which you need to buy the Dough Raid Microchip to awake the Dough Fruit.

Rip_Indra (Level 5000)

Rip_Indra is inside the Castle and requries the God’s Chalice to spawn. After you have the chalice, step on the 3 legendary haki buttons around the area. Rip_Indra has 100% chance to drop the Valkyrie Helmet and 2.5% chance to drop the Dark Dagger.

It’s also a boss you need to kill to get the Race V4.

Leviathan Boss

You MUST have 5 players on the same boat to go hunting the Leviathan with you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find the boss.

After you have 5 people in the team, head to Tiki Island and climb to the top of the island. Find the NPC called Spy and ask for Clues. Then try to Bribe him which you might have to do multiple times until you get this message: The Leviathan is out there! Go find it before it causes more destruction.

Spy NPC to bribe to spawn the Leviathan.

This is your cue that the Leviathan has spawned. You need to find the Frozen Dimension. Sail out into the sea until you reach Danger Zone 6. Destory its tails and then kill the Leviathan. Grab the Leviathan Heart using your boat and then bring it back to Tiki Island.

This is the Leviathan Heart you need to get the latest Sanguine fighting style. And we’ve concluded the boss guide in Blox Fruits. Good luck!


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