Blox Fruits: How to Get Spiky Trident

That is one tasty boss!

Heard of the infamous Spiky Trident in Blox Fruits and want to get your hands on it? The Spiky Trident is a phenomenal weapon that most players are after due to its ability to chain multiple combos. This allows players to use the Trident’s abilities and chain into other abilities for powerful attacks. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get the item!

How to Get Spiky Trident

  1. Travel to Candy Land and speak with the NPC name drip_mama.
  2. She will tell you to beat 500 enemies on the island before the portal can open. This count is shared among all the current players on the Island, meaning you alone don’t have to kill all the enemies.
  3. Once the goal has been reached, go back and talk to drip_mama and open the portal.
  4. Go to the back of the house and walk into the wall.
  5. Walking into the wall will transport you into the Mirror Dimension.
  6. Beat the Katakuri/Cake Prince boss to have a chance at obtaining the Spiky Trident 

Detailed Walkthrough on How to Get Spiky Trident

The first step is to travel to Candy Land.

Candy Land

Once you have entered Candy Land, talk to drip_mama, who will be standing outside this house with a huge wall behind it.

House where drip_mama is

Interacting with drip_mama will reveal the objective of defeating 500 enemies on the island before the portal opens. In some cases, the objective may have already been started meaning that when to talk to drip_mama, you will see an updated counter since this is shared between all the players currently on the island.

Enemy counter

Once this goal has been reached, talking to drip_mama again will reveal the option of opening the portal. Confirming this will result in a message on the players’ screen saying, “A dimensional rift has been spawned.”

Opening the portal

Afterward, go behind the house and walk into the wall, which will transport you to the Mirror World, where the Cake Prince awaits. It is highly recommended to take on this fight in a team. Since most players want the Spiky Trident, they will offer to help you, so make sure to add them as allies.

Entering the portal

Remember that the dimension will despawn after seven minutes and thirty seconds in the boss fight, so try to defeat the boss before this time limit. Additionally, there will be a very high probability of hackers joining the fight, so letting them fight the Cake Prince and then killing them to get the rewards is recommended.

Fighting the Cake Prince

Once the boss is defeated, players will be transported back to Candy Land. Regarding the boss drops, Pale Scarf is a guaranteed drop every time this boss is defeated. On the other hand, the Spikey Trident has a low drop rate of only five percent.

There is a high probability that you will have to take on the Cake Prince multiple times to get the Spiky Trident, but the wait is worth it due to its abilities. We would love to hear from you in the comments if you have any suggestions or critiques.

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