Blox Fruits: How to Unlock the Second Sea

A new area filled with more adventure!

Blox Fruits Military Detective Second Sea

Sometimes progression in a game isn’t so clear cut and shown to you. Sometimes you actually have to find that one NPC that you need to talk to in order to progress further. In Blox Fruits not a lot of people know that you can actually unlock the Second Sea that has more content in the game.

In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock the Second Sea so that you can experience more of the game. Make sure that you’re the right level though or else the quest won’t even start! So let’s find out how you can do it!

How to Unlock the Second Sea

There’s a lot of things you can do in the Second Sea that not a lot of players even go to. From Fruit Raids that can give you new fruits to a chance for character resets, it’s a place with a lot of content. That’s why you’ll want to get there when you can!

Here are the steps we’ll take to get to the Second Sea:

  1. Reach Level 700.
  2. Go to The Prison and talk to the Military Detective.
  3. Go to the Frozen Village and Defeat the Ice Admiral.
  4. Go back and talk to The Military Detective.
  5. Go to the Middle Town and find the Experienced Captain.
  6. Travel to the Second Sea!

Detailed Walkthrough

Before you start this quest, you’ll need to be Level 700 first. Once you’re at that level go to the Prison Island and talk to the Military Detective. He’ll tell you about the whereabouts of the Ice Admiral.

Blox Fruits Prison Military Detective

Once you’ve talked to him, you’ll need to go to the Frozen Village. There you’ll find a large cave that you’ll need to go to. Inside is a door that you can open with the key the Military Detective gives you for the quest.

Inside is the Ice Admiral, which isn’t that difficult to fight at your level. Once you’ve defeated the Ice Admiral go back to the Military Detective.

Blox Fruits Frozen Village Cave

The Military Detective will then talk about the Second Sea and tell you to go to the Middle Town. There you’ll find a man that will take you to the Second Sea.

Blox Fruits Military Detective Swan Second Sea

So, head over to Middle Town and look for the Experienced Captain NPC shown below. The town is pretty small so it won’t take you that long to find him. Once you do, talk to him and he’ll have some dialogue, at the end he’ll let you travel to the Second Sea!

Blox Fruits Experienced Captain

That’s how you unlock the Second Sea in Blox Fruits. There’s a lot of content in that area so make sure to check our guide on things to do there! Now go out there and try to get to the Second Sea!

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