Blox Fruits: Everything We Know About Thanksgiving Update 2023 | Fourth Sea + New Race

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In this guide, we will delve into everything we know about the upcoming Thanksgiving Update 2023, focusing on the Fourth Sea and the possibility of a new race in Blox Fruits. The Blox Fruits Thanksgiving Update for 2023 is on the horizon. Although the release date has passed, this doesn’t mean the update will disappoint the community.

Everything We Know About Thanksgiving Update 2023 | Fourth Sea + New Race

Gamer Robot mentions upcoming updates in the Thanksgiving and one at Christmas. However, no official explanations about the delay for the Thanksgiving Update were made by the Blox Fruit developers.

Blox Fruits Thanksgiving Update 2023  Fourth Sea New Race
Source: Gamer Robot

Unfortunately, we currently don’t know when they will release the update. But we can release date will be between the end of November and the early December. Although the lack of information is frustrating, a delay in the release date might be a good thing.

We can raise our expectations for the next update. Also, in my opinion, it would be better for developers to spend more time and deliver finished works instead of delivering incomplete works as we are accustomed to in today’s gaming community.

Speculations surrounding a Thanksgiving event and the introduction of the Kitsune Fruit have heightened expectations. According to rumors, the Kitsune Fruit offers unique abilities that could develop combat strategies.

Blox Fruits Thanksgiving Update 2023  Fourth Sea New Race
Source: rip_indra

We are also awaiting a significant rework of the Dragon Fruit. Enhanced abilities and mechanics that can provide a more dynamic combat experience. The potential addition of features such as fiery breath and increased agility has captured the attention of the community.

If you are a naval enthusiast like me, we can look forward to exploring the seas with new boats like the Dragon Hunter and upgrades to classics like the Lantern and Guardian. We expect each boat to come with unique enhancements, including various playstyles and preferences.

Ghost Fruit event Blox Fruits
Source: Gamer Robot

We will be able to stay on board during jumps with this update according to rumors. This enhancement could revolutionize naval exploration and combat.

In addition to boat upgrades, the community is anticipating new sea events, such as Treasure Island and Ghost Ship Assault. We anticipate that these occasions will present difficulties and benefits in addition to giving us the chance to experience exhilarating deep-sea expeditions.

Accessories are also getting ready to take on a new role. They are going beyond aesthetics by providing combat benefits. According to the community, items like the Emperor’s Crown and Fire Necklace will enhance leadership presence and boost fire-based attacks.

According to community rumors, the introduction of Mythical Sword Art sets to bring a new dimension to combat. It might deliver a new dimension to sword combat, combining traditional swordsmanship with modern techniques.

Cursed Dual Katana from Blox Fruits

We can expect new moves like ‘Dragon Cut’ and ‘Phoenix Strike, adding devastating power to their arsenal.

Reworks of classic weapons are planned to deliver improved combat mechanics and revamped aesthetics. The changes aim to balance power across different playstyles, providing a diverse and fair combat system.

Our progression can see a significant boost with an increased level cap, marking a new era of growth and achievement within the Blox Fruits community.

Also, we eagerly anticipate the Raid Boss Health Bar’s addition, as we expect to bring clarity and strategy to boss fights. This real-time tracking system aims to enhance the battle interface, allowing for better coordination and strategic decision-making during intense encounters.

There are speculations about this update, a new race that will take place in the game. The Lunarian Race is discussed as the new race that will be added to the game by the community.

Although, considering game developers currently changing items and names from the inspired Anime/Manga series “One Piece” to their own items and names to avoid copyright issues, the possibility of developers presenting the Lunarian Race as the new race seems unlikely.

Of course, how can we miss out on the rumored Temporal Time puzzle, which is according to many players, is tied to the possibility of the Fourth Sea.

While we are on the wait for the new update, there is no official release date. But don’t lose hope yet. Because new and developed adventures are on the horizon with Thanksgiving Update 2023 that may include the Fourth Sea and a new race in Blox Fruits.

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