Chivalry 2: Footman Guide

Be the best Footman for your team!

If supporting allies is up to your alley, then you can take a look at the Footman class in Chivalry 2. The Footman is a support class in Chivalry 2. This guide will talk about how you can play the Footman in Chivalry 2. 

Footman Guide – Chivalry 2

There are three subclasses in the Footman class. The Poleman uses the Halberd, Knife, and Spike traps. Poleman has the Bandage kit skill, which uses bandage kits to heal allies. The Man at Arms, on the other hand, uses one-handed weapons like the Morning Star and has a medium shield. 

Lastly, the Field Engineer uses the Sledgehammer or a two-handed weapon. The Field Engineer’s secondary is a Spike Trap, and his item is the barricade. Reviving a teammate as a Field Engineer will heal you by 25%. 

The Shovel and the Sledgehammer are one of the best weapons for the Footman. When it comes to using barricades, you can use them to block off a pathway to prevent enemies from entering. 

You can also place them down in defensive positions to create a cover for your teammates. The archers can use it or your team can use it to safely heal themselves. 

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