Top 5 Beginner Weapons In Chivalry 2

Which weapon is great for beginners?

Chivalry 2 takes multiplayer PvP to the next level by setting the game in medieval times. You can experience the war as an archer or a knight. This guide will show you the best beginner weapons you can use in Chivalry 2. 

Top 5 Beginner Weapons – Chivalry 2

There are a lot of different weapons and classes to choose from in Chivalry 2. However, if you are just starting out, you may want to take a look at the weapons in this guide. First off, we will start with the Messer.

The Messer takes versatility to the next level because you can use it on the Vanguard or the Knight. This gives you either the Warhorn or the oil pot as your special abilities. The Warhorn can give you a lot of points simply for using it in the fight. 

If you love axes, you are going to love the Danax. This weapon will deal a significant amount of damage when thrown. You will also have a good reach with this weapon. Next up is the Spear. This weapon is great because it can stab through parry and is great for team objectives. 

The Halberd is also a good team objective weapon due to its great reach and horizontal attacks, which can damage multiple enemies. Lastly, the Greatsword deals heavy damage on enemies and can be used on the Knight.

Aside from gaining points with the Warhorn, this weapon is great for people who prefer charging in as well. 

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