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Clash of Clans: April 2023 Events List

Wherever in the world you may find yourself right now, we are about to enter a new season.

Another month has begun, and so have upcoming and new events. Let’s peek into the list of challenges, in-game events, and rewards in Clash of Clans for April.

April 2023 Events List: Clash of Clans

Every week there are events and challenges with awesome rewards in COC. Here’s what they have in store for you this April.

April 1 to April 30 Dark Ages Season Challenge

This month’s theme is the Dark Ages. There will be weekly events, tournaments, or challenges. There are also many rewards in store for you, especially if you avail yourself of the Gold Pass.

April 1 to April 9 – Dark Ages Warden challenge

There are numerous available skins for the Heroes in Clash of Clans. In the Dark Ages season, additional skin is introduced: The Dark Ages Warden. The skin’s design resembles a wizard who lived during the Dark Ages. He holds a lantern and a scroll with armor wrapped around his head. You can obtain the skin after completing specific tasks. There’s also the Dark Ages Warden Challenge, where you must three-star the base to receive rewards such as Gems and Dark Elixirs.

April 1 to April 11 – April Clan War Leagues

The Clan War League is one of the main features every Season in COC. Clans battle with seven other clans to find out which comes on top. After the league ends, you’ll receive specific rewards according to your clan’s final standing.

April 10 to April 14 – Bullseye (Super Archer), Hasty Balloons, Lizard Blizzard

Clash of Clans also contains events focusing on using specific troops as the game’s star. The first batch of troop challenges in April is Bullesye for Super Archers, Hasty Balloons for Balloons, and Lizard Blizzard for Dragons. Gamers earn rewards and resources by winning these challenges.

April 11 – Trader Restock

New offers are obtainable weekly. The trader offers various items, such as Potions and Books, in exchange for Gems and Raid Medals.

One Gem Resource Boost

The One Gem Resource Boost is one of the game’s best and most economical features. You can boost all your mines and collectors for just one Gem each compared to eleven gems for a one-day boost. The boost duration depends on Supercell’s decision.

April 14 – Raid Weekend

In Raid Weekend, Clans strike an enemy Clan Capital. The Leader or Co-Lead must sign the Clan up to be able to participate. You have five attacks for the whole event.

April 14 to April 23 – Dark Ages Queen Challenge

The Archer Queen also has her new set of skin: the Dark Ages Queen. She looks like a medieval European warrior thanks to her golden headgear, tunic, and weapon: her distinctive bow.

April 17 to April 21 – Super Bowler, Goblin, Hog Rider Event

The Super Bowler, Goblins, and Hog Riders are the second group of troop challenge stars. After using these troops to complete the challenges, rewards await players.

April 20 to April 23 – One Gem Army Boost

The One Gem Army Boost is among the game’s most valuable and best boosters. You only need one Gem per barrack; four times the average rate increases the production speed. It allows the player to execute more attacks in a short period.

April 22 to April 28 – Clan Games

Clan Games is open to players with a level 6 Town Hall or more. Players in a Clan can collect points and rewards by completing specific tasks and challenges. The players get points for every finished task, which earns them amazing rewards for this event.

April 22 – League Reset

The League Reset is where players become unranked, and the trophies in the Legends reset to 5000. Reset happens every last Monday monthly at 05:00 UTC.

April 26 to April 30 – Sneaky Goblin, Barbarian, Minion Event

The final batch of troop challenges will feature the Sneaky Goblins, Minions, and Barbarians. Players must use the mentioned troops to complete the challenges and earn rewards like the other troop challenges.

April 27 to April 30 – Double Star Bonus

The Double Star Bonus event enables players to get extra stars for each attack made and for stars acquired through attacking enemy bases. Players can obtain a fixed number of resources like Dark Elixir and Gold each time a player achieves a specified number of stars.

The Dark Ages Season, indeed, is one exciting season. We recommend participating in all events like the Dark Ages Warden Challenge to get the most out of everything. Plan your attacks well and strategize. Enjoy, and happy clashing!

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