Clash of Clans: How to 3 Star the Dark Ages Warden Challenge

I see the Grand Warden and his troops as the torchbearers through these dark ages.

A new Season means new challenges and events in Clash of Clans. And this month, we now have the Dark Ages Warden Challenge! Do you want to 3-star this challenge? Then, you’re in luck because your wish is my command!

How to 3 Star the Dark Ages Warden Challenge

The base for this challenge is exceptionally designed and well-built. To begin the challenge, set your Grand Warden to ground mode. Then, drop the Skeleton Spell on the Clan Castle at the top of the base. It will destroy the CC and some of the Builder Huts.

Next, drop your Grand Warden beside the Dragon Trophy on the left side, followed by a Healer. Immediately put a Cloning Spell on the Healer, so your Grand Warden won’t die while attacking the Inferno Tower. Release a Valkyrie on the top left to clear all the Builder Huts while the Warden is busy. This action ensures that the Warden will focus on eliminating the Scattershot next.

After clearing the first Scattershot, drop a Recall Spell to your Grand Warden and Healers. Next, drop the Recall Spell with the Warden’s face on the Dragon Statue on the right side. The Grand Warden will then take out the Inferno Tower and the Scattershot on this side. The Skeletons and the Valkyrie will then finish clearing the Builder Huts on the upper side.

Drop a Recall Spell once again on the Grand Warden and Healers. Then, put a Valkyrie each beside the two dragon statues so they can clear all the remaining Builder Huts towards the South. Put five Ice Golems on the left entrance and five on the right entrance. Put the remaining troops on the base: 2 Valkyries, 1 Super Valkyrie, and 1 Witch on each entry. 

Release the Grand Warden and the Healers on the bottom side and use his ability to damage the defenses. Drop a Cloning Spell on your troops while they attack the Monoliths and the Town Hall. Finally, put the remaining Valkyrie down and clone it to help seal the deal. And presto, victory is yours!

And there you have it, fellow Clashers! You’re now armed with the perfect strategy to beat this challenge. Carry the beam of light that has pierced through the Dark Ages and win!

Show the darkness who’s more powerful. And let your undying light shine through the Dark Ages! Have a smashing clashing day!

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