Clash Of Clans: Beat Judo Sloth Challenge Guide

Be rated as a 3 star Judo Sloth challenger!

Clash of Clans released a new challenge called the Judo Sloth challenge. This challenge is in celebration for Judo Sloth earning 1 Million subscribers on YouTube. You need to earn 3 stars on this level to complete the challenge.

Beat Judo Sloth Challenge — Clash of Clans

The level can be intimidating at first, but patience is key in defeating this level.

Start on the left side of the level and wait for the Archer Queen to go around her altar. After the Archer queen is to the left of her altar, release the Barbarian King on the left side of the village.

Release the Ice Wizard and Headhunter to come after the Archer Queen as well. Once the Archer Queen is down, use the Barbarian King’s ability to tear down the Town hall.

Now, onto the right side of the village, you will see another Archer Queen.

Wait for the Archer Queen to go on the rightmost corner as shown in the photo above. Drop the Skeleton spell, P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie and the Witch as well.

Select your Super archer and drop it down parallel to the Mortar. Wait for your Super Archers to take down the Air Sweepers before making another move.

On the northwestern part of the village, drop the Electro Dragon, Dragon Rider and Royal Champion as seen in the photo above.

Drop the Freeze spell in between the Inferno towers and use your Royal Champion’s ability to damage multiple inferno towers.

Drop the Yeti, Super Wallbreaker, Archer Queen and Grand Warden on the bottom side of the map. Then, use the Grand Warden’s ability to protect the Archer Queen and allow it to destroy more Inferno towers.

Lastly, use the queen’s ability to wipe out any remaining structures and that should give you 3-stars, successfully completing the challenge!

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