Northgard: How To Rat Guide

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Northgard How To Rat Guide

There are many clans in Northgard. Each has bits own playstyles due to their unique buildings and units as well as bonuses and debuffs. And when I say there’s a lot, I mean it. There are currently 14 different clans at the time of writing this article. And there will probably be more to come as the game is still being updated. Not only that but clans are being updated as well. Some are getting buffed and some are getting nerfed depending on how to game’s development goes. So, guides like these are probably your best bet in understanding how to play the different clans. And that’s why we’re here. We’ll show you the unique clan of the Rat and some tips on how to play them.

How To Rat Guide In Northgard

The clan of the Rat is very unique to other clans because instead of a feast ability, the clan gets Overwork. This ability makes it so all units have a +40% bonus in production for a given time. While Overwork is active all unit’s HP will slowly drain except for military units. But don’t worry, before you start overwork the game will show if some of your workers die in the process.

They also can’t make houses like normal clans, instead your increase your population cap for every non-mystical building built. A quick tip! Watch towers don’t take up a building slot but they do give you population! Not only that but when you’re at full population, villagers will still continue to be produced and place in a Population Reserve. They will instantly appear once there’s new space, like when your troops die or when your scout decides to die in some far-flung corner of the map for some reason.

The clan also starts with more villagers but all of them including new ones will be injured. You’ll have to get used to seeing all of your units injured since you’ll be using Overwork a lot as you should.

Not only do they not have houses but their healer’s hut is replaced by a Shaman’s hut. As you can tell, their healers are shamans. They heal all units in an area and can also heal outside the territory albeit at a slower rate.

What’s also unique about the Shaman’s Hut is that when you kill an enemy or a unit dies then the Hut’s pyre will ignite. While ignited it will increase your lore production, so your villagers dying from overworking will actually help you! Don’t worry about the villager, one will replace him easily since you have them at reserve!

It takes some getting used to when playing this clan. What I suggest is trying to get the Medicine Lore as fast as possible because your shamans will be doing a lot of healing and you’ll need that bonus. Now that you know the basics of this clan you should try it out, but be warned, the clan is quite difficult to master!

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