Dinkum: All Residents Guide

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Dinkum All Residents Guide

In Dinkum, you’ll have other people with you as you build your town. No, these aren’t other players. These are characters created by the devs, or NPCs, if you will. Each of these characters will bring something unique to your island that you can use to progress through the game and build your town. In this All Residents guide, we’ll show you who these people are, what they do, what they bring, and what it takes to befriend them in order to use their resources for the betterment of your island.

All Residents Guide – Dinkum

There are a lot of residents that will stay on the island if you befriend them. At first, these people will not be a part of the island, and will just be on the island until you befriend them. Once you have successfully befriended them, they will become permanent residents to the island.

To further your friendship with each of the residents, you have to do certain actions for them. These actions range from doing favors, bringing them specific items, buying items off of their persons etc.

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Now that we’ve introduced the mechanics on how friendship works and how you can get them to become permanent residents on your island, let’s move to who these residents are:

  • Fletch – Fletch is the very first person you will meet when you start the game. She is basically your tutorial, giving you tips on how to set up the town and such. She is located at the Base Camp during business hours and is where you spend your Permit Points at.
  • John – John is a trader with a general goods store in town if you build it. You can buy tools, sell bugs and critters, and other things you come across. He is the first resident in the game, but he stays in the guest tent until the store is built.
  • Theodore – Theodore runs the museum when he becomes a permanent resident of the island. He comes in when the general store is built, and will accept donations of bugs, critters and fish. He pays you in Permit Points, which you can use later on.
  • Rayne – Rayne is a gardening enthusiast and is where you purchase gardening supplies and seeds from. But if you build her a store in town, she will have more items for sale. However, you need a Gardening License before you can purchase anything from her.
  • Clover – Clover is a lover of fashion, and she shares that love with you by selling random clothing items. These items will rotate on a daily basis, offering more clothing to suit your fashion taste.
  • Irwin – Irwin, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is based off of the lovable animal lover, Steve Irwin. Just like his real-life counterpart, Irwin is a lover of animals, and will sell you animals like Chooks and Vombies if you have the Animal Handling License. 
  • Franklyn – Franklyn is the brains of the island. He is a science geek, and will buy Shiny Discs off of you if you have them for a high price. You can even use new inventions from him if you have the money and parts for it. If he becomes a permanent resident, he will create a teleportation device to help making traveling easier.
  • Melvin – Melvin is where you buy your furniture from, ranging from beds, desks, tables, chairs etc.
  • Milburn – Milburn comes in when you get the deed to build a bank. Once you do, he comes in and becomes the bank manager. You only get this once your economy store reaches 30%.
  • Ted Selly – This mysterious figure appears randomly and if hard to find. 

These are the only known residents as of now, but the game will most likely add more as the support goes on.

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