Dinkum: Best Methods to Make Money

Gotta work for that bread, and not the baked good kind.

Working to make money and making a living is the goal of everyone. In Dinkum, or in any other survival/life simulator, currency is how you can survive. You need it to get tools, seeds, resources etc. Dinkum is a life simulator game, so earning money is a part of the gameplay. However, earning money can be a hassle and you would rather just have all of the resources you need. That’s why we’re here to help you make money in Dinkum. Just follow this guide and you’ll be swimming in a vault full of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.

Best Methods to Make Money – Dinkum

There are several ways to earn money in Dinkum. You have a lot of options, which makes sense as having only one way will no doubt bore players quickly.

  • Sell items like Bugs, Fish, Critters, Harvest and items you Crafted or Cooked. Selling Crafted items and Cooked food will sell more than regular items.
  • Sell Amber, Large Gems, and Beehives.
  • Complete favors.
  • Gain interest at the Bank.

If you’re just starting and are looking to earn money fast, sell Wood, Planks, Seashells etc. However, there is a way to earn money later in the game once you’ve established some stores.

When you have John’s Goods built, the Metal Detector will be available to be purchased for 7000 Dinks. Now that’s quite a lot of Dinks, but you will get those Dinks back and more with this method. With the Metal Detector, you will find hidden treasures in the ground that are very valuable.

Some of these valuable items can be used to repair the Tele-Towers, or they can be saved so you can use them for future crafting items. But if you’re looking to sell, you can sell them. If you discover Amber Chunks, then you’ve hit the jackpot because these can be sold to up to 10,000 Dinks.

When using the Metal Detector, you will come across items like Old Keys or Shiny Johns. Hold on to these, as Old Keys can open up Gates in the Mines that will most definitely lead you to more valuable items. The Shiny Discs can be sold to Franklyn instead to John for 8,800 Dinks. Not only that, you can get more things to unlock that Franklyn can build for you.

Unlocking the Mine is also another goal you should add if you don’t, because the Metal Detector is great for finding Rubies. You can get up to two to four Rubies in a day, which can sell up to 40,000 to 80,000 Dinks.

A tip to take note is to get the Rubies and drop them off in the elevator. That way, if you faint, the Rubies will not despawn and will remain in the elevator.

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