Dinkum: Building Guide | How to Move and Upgrade Your House

A bigger house is always nice!

Dinkum Building Guide How to Move and Upgrade Your House

So, you’re playing Dinkum and at the very start of the game it tells you to place your starting tent somewhere. You place it in some horrible place where it’s annoying to go to, is near shark infested waters and is constantly being harassed by crocodiles. The first question would be why did you place it there, the second is how do you move it? Well in this guide we’ll show you how to not only move your house, but to upgrade it to something more respectable than a tent.

How To Move And Upgrade Your House In Dinkum | Building Guide

So your house is in a weird place, or maybe you found a better spot for your house with a nice view. Then all you need to do is go to Fletch and talk to her about your house. She’ll give you a couple of options, what we want is the option “I want to move my house.” 

The move will cost 25,000 Dinks, so make sure the place you’re moving it to better be worth that amount of Dinks, especially early in the game. Once you accept the terms and pay the Dinks then Fletch will give you a “House Move Deed

This item works like any other deed but unlike building deeds you don’t need to deposit resources on it to finish the construction. You can just place it where you want to move your house and it’s all good!

Before you place it though make sure you have your bed with you, or a sleeping bag. This is so that you have a place to sleep while your house is being moved. You can’t stay inside your house while it’s being moved because that’s just silly.

After a day your house will be in the new place you’ve designated!

Upgrading Your House

As you can see from the images before, my house isn’t a tent anymore. You can actually upgrade your house to a proper wooden one. The process is pretty much the same at the start. Just talk to Fletch and tell her you want to upgrade your house.

The house upgrade will cost 95,000 Dinks, to be paid via the town’s debt. Once you’ve done that then like any other building deed you need to fill up the resource box. After filling it up the construction will begin and in a couple of days, you’ll have your new house!

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