Dinkum: Complete Hunting Guide

It’s time for the hunt.

Dinkum Complete Hunting Guide

Dinkum is a cute little survival and life simulator game that lets you build a town, make your own farm, create your own house, exploring the island etc. The game is very simulator to the popular franchise, Animal Crossing. From its cute character designs to the gameplay mechanics, one cannot be blamed for seeing the similarities and making comparisons. But Dinkum is still a fun game on its own, and it can offer more than Animal Crossing, like the hunting mechanic. In this Complete Hunting guide, we’ll show you how to be a great hunter.

Complete Hunting Guide – Dinkum 

Hunting in Dinkum isn’t as crazy as other survival games like Minecraft or Ark Survival Evolved. The only things you’ll hunt in this game are just different animals. But you’ll need to craft some weapons to defend yourself if you’re planning on hunting in Dinkum.

Can you buy weapons? No, you can’t. You can’t buy any of the weapons in Dinkum, as you can only craft them. You can buy the Basic Axe, but that’s classified as a tool to the game, so you can’t use it in combat like any other axe.

First step in hunting is to get a Hunting License. Yes, you need an actual license in the game before you can craft any of the weapons to hunt animals. Just like in real life, this will cost you. Except this requires 250 Permit Points in order to unlock.

Once unlocked, you will then be able to get the recipes from Franklyn, which you have to purchase from him. Once you have the recipes for the Basic Weapons, which are Basic Hammer, Basic Spear, and Basic Bat, all that’s left is to craft them in your crafting station. 

You will need the following ingredients to do so.

  • Basic Hammer – 1 Gum Wood Plank and 3 Tin Bars
  • Basic Spear – 1 Gum Wood Plank and 1 Tin Bar
  • Wooden Bat – 1 Gum Wood Plank and 2 Spinafex Resin

These weapons are essentially for the early game. You won’t really need to upgrade them until you notice that your weapons aren’t chipping away more health than they usually do. Once that happens, it’s time for an upgrade.

In order to get better weapons, you will need to get the Hunting License Level 2 from Fletch. Getting the Level 2 License will unlock the Copper Weapons such as the Copper Hammer, Copper Spear, and Croc Teeth Bat.

To get the Hunting License Level 2, you will need to achieve Hunting Level 10 with 1000 Permit Points. You can do this by simply playing through the game and killing the animals you come across. Once you have your license, you need the ingredients to craft the weapons.

  • Copper Hammer – 1 Gum Wood Plank and 3 Copper Bars
  • Copper Spear – 1 Gum Wood Plank and 2 Copper Bars
  • Croc Teeth Bat – 1 Copper Bar, 2 Spinafex Resin, 2 Crocodile Teeth, and 2 Hard Wood Planks
Dinkum Hunting Guide | TechRaptor

These weapons are great for the mid-game, and just like with the early game weapons, they will eventually start losing usefulness as the animals start getting stronger. Again, it’s time to upgrade to the Iron Weapons, which are the top-of-the-line weapons you can get in Dinkum.

Just like before, you need to upgrade your Hunting License to Level 3. To do this, you need to have a Hunting Level of 20 with 3000 Permit Points ready to purchase the license. With the license finally in your hands, head on over to Franklyn to purchase the recipes.

To craft these elite weapons, you need to have the follow ingredients for each weapon.

  • Iron Hammer – 2 Hard Wood Planks and 3 Iron Bars
  • Iron Spear – 1 Palm Wood Plank and 2 Iron Bars
  • Flaming Bat – 1 Iron Bar, 2 Spinafex Resin, 2 Flame Sacs, and 2 Hard Wood Planks

With the Iron Weapons finally in your possession, you can now take on the Alpha Animals of the island, which are the strongest enemies you can fight in the game.

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