Dinkum: Farming and Crops Guide

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work!

Dinkum Farming and Crops Guide

There is something relaxing about just playing a farming game. Whether it be in Farming Simulator or Stardew Valley, farming games has a large audience. So, games like Dinkum of course has farming as well, since it’s the basics in establishing a new thriving town. In this guide we’ll show you how farming works in Dinkum and how you can start your honest farmer life!

Farming And Crops Guide For Dinkum

The first step in farming is getting the right tools and the right seeds, to get those you need to wait for the NPC Rayne to stop by your island. You can also make her a permanent resident in your island, doing so will make it easier for you to buy what you need in the future.

Basic Farming

Rayne sells an assortment of goods, but what we need is the basic hoe and watering can. The Hoe costs 800 Dinks while the Watering Can costs 10,000 Dinks. The reason why the Watering can is more expensive is because it doesn’t break when the bar goes to zero!

When you level up your farming, you’ll get a chance to buy a higher-level Farming License.

A higher license means better tools that you can craft yourself! What does better mean for these tools exactly? Well with the Iron Hoe and Iron Watering Can you can till and water 6 tiles at once!

Once you’ve set up the farming area make sure that no animals go to that location, if there are animals nearby then make sure to fence off your farming area. 

You can then buy seeds for Rayne, there are a lot of seeds for different seasons and there are some that you can grow at any season like wheat or sugar cane. Just remember that some plants can only grow in certain seasons so when you’re planning on buying seeds check the current date and how long the plant grows. You don’t want to waste your seeds if they won’t grow fully before the season ends!

Sometimes, when the villagers are nearby, they’ll help you in watering your crops!

For large scale farming you’ll need a bigger hoe, sadly there’s not large hoes in this game. There is one thing though that can help you, a tractor.


A Tractor needs an Agricultural Vehicle License and you need level 3 to unlock all of the attachments. You also need to give Franklyn a bunch of shiny disks to even make one.

To make a Tractor you need to go to Franklyn, unlock the recipe with shiny disks, and commission it with 25 Old Gears, 4 Old Springs, 20 Iron Bars, 2 Old Contraptions and 4 Old Wheels. It’s very expensive but it’s worth it if you want to upscale your farm.

Once you have the Tractor you can hop on it and press the right mouse button to change the attachments. If you have the proper license, you should have 3 attachments, one for tilling, one for harvesting and one for planting seeds.

To change the attachment, you’ll just need to press your right mouse button while riding the tractor. To use the seeding attachment, you’ll need to equip the seed in your hot-bar and select it while using the seeding attachment to plant seeds.

Now that you have all of those crops planted what will you do if you don’t want to spend the entire half of the day watering them every day? Well, that’s where irrigation comes into play.


When you level up your farming Licenses, you’ll get a chance to get an Irrigation License. This neat little License gives you the crafting recipe for making sprinklers and advanced sprinklers!

The sprinkler automatically waters 1 tile around it while the advanced sprinkler waters 2 tiles around it. To use them though you’ll also need to make a water tank.

The water tank automatically activates all sprinklers 10 tiles around it, so make sure to keep those sprinklers near the water tank for them to work!

Once you’ve placed your sprinklers in your farm you should remember to water the crops on the day you placed the sprinklers. It’s because the sprinklers will only activate at the start of a new day!

So now you have a tractor, fields of crops and an automated irrigation system. Congratulations! You now know how to farm in Dinkum, now go out there and take care of those crops!

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