Divine Knockout: Hercules Guide

Herc Smash!

Hercules is a brute character as you might have expected and although his strategy and tactic of button mashing do work and is very effective, you will still need to know a couple of very good plays to be better with him. In this guide, you shall learn how to play him better. Let’s get started.

Hercules Guide – Divine Knockout

Hercules has a lot of even basic attacks. They will do a lot of damage and you should be fine just to follow a pray-and-spray sort of tactic with him. In this game, meaning smash all the buttons and hope to god that you will win. A lot of people are doing it and it works out just fine.

Hercules does have a lot of reach with these attacks as well. You will be able to catch up on a lot of enemies from afar and manage to get the first hit. What you do need to know about Hercules the most is his momentum.

He can do double jumps and then use his skills to actually jump up in the air and slam the ground. You can use this to your advantage not just for attacking purposes, but also for running away and saving your life. Also, just stalking from aside only to jump on enemies that are fighting it out for a while is a perfect way of getting 2 secure kills.

You can do the jump attack and just stop it while you are jumping. You will just have to press the same button meaning that you can do this amazing attack in melee motions. The boulder attack is also a very good way of damaging a lot of your enemies in a wave.

Do not just throw this boulder at an enemy just for the damage alone. Instead, wait for the perfect moment when you can be sure that you’ll get them to fly off the map. Timing is key for this attack.

Do not be afraid to take on people 1v1. The ultimate of Hercules will get you to out beat any enemies if they are dumb enough to face you. You will be tossing them all over the place. So be careful to not overreach your momentum and fall down from the map by your own mistake.

That’s all that you need to know about Hercules! We hope that this guide has helped you out to become a better player with him. Have fun!

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