Divine Knockout: IN-DEPTH Amatersu Guide

Get ready for a light show!

We all know of 2D platform fighter games like Super Smash Bros that have a large E-sport gaming scene. It’s a well loved genre and a lot of different companies have tried to enter the market with their own versions like Multiversus. Before ending the year we have another fighting game but this time it’s a third-person 3D fighting game called Divine Knockout. The game features mechanics many platform fighting players know along with unique characters with their own fun play styles. Of course you need to learn those characters as well, so in this guide we’ll show you some great combos for Amaterasu.

IN-DEPTH Amatersu Guide For Divine Knockout

Amaterasu has a lot of different combos you can do with some of them needing positioning to effectively use. The ultimate ability is also an area that you need to aim so you need to get the timing right when using it in combos. When done correctly though this character can be devastating and won’t even let the enemy recover before they hit the ground!

Source: Nyle – YouTube

There’s a bunch of combos you can do with Ametarsu, here are some of the best ones you can do.

  • Sunseeker Dash + Air Light Attack + Air Heavy Attack – For this combo you need to hit the dash attack at the end to launch the enemy to the air, do it too close and you’ll just go through them.
    • You can change the Air Heavy Attack to another Air Light Attack for more damage but doesn’t push your enemy downwards.
  • Sunseeker Dash + Air Light Attack + Ultimate – A variation of the combo above that deals a total of 46% damage.
  • Sunlight Uppercut + Air Light Attack + Ultimate – Not as strong as the above combo but a faster combo to use for some occasions.
  • Sunlight Uppercut + Air Light Attack + Air Heavy/Light Attack – The last attack depends on whether you just want to push the enemy or push them downwards.
Source: Nyle – YouTube

Congratulations you now know some of the great combos for Amaterasu in Divine Knockout, now go out there and try them out. Many thanks to Nyle for showing everyone these combos, if you need more information on other combos then go check their video out here: Divine Knockout Amaterasu Combo Guide! – YouTube

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