Divine Knockout: What’s The Best Way To Get Experience?

Level the Gods up with ease!

The Gods in Divine Knockout do have levels. Each level will bring something new to the table that you can use. To be able to level them up, however, you shall need experience. That is why in this guide we will be teaching you how you can get the most amount of Experience in the easiest matter. Let’s get started.

What’s The Best Way To Get Experience? – Divine Knockout

Getting levels in this game is a very big thing and probably something that you should take heed of the most. It isn’t something like cosmetics or ranks for example League of Legends. Because here you will actually become stronger with your characters and use that extra level in the battles for victories.

The biggest thing for the Levels is the Talents.

You can get new talents and make them stronger if you level up your character. To level up and get some new traits, blessings, and stats that will make your powers much stronger. Eventually, you will want to max out the levels for all your characters.

  • For 1v1 you generally get around 300 EXP per match, depending on how long it was and if you won or not.
  • For 2v2 you generally get around 400 EXP per match, also depending on how many rounds you won and how long the game lasted.
  • For 3v3 you will get around 800 to 900 EXP. This means that no matter what you shall be doing if you win or not, you will be getting a lot more EXP by just playing 3v3.

That is why the secret to getting a lot more EXP in Divine Knockout is just to play 3v3 matches. It is much more fun and sometimes you will end up teaming with a veteran player that will carry your win and get you a lot more EXP.

That’s all that you need to know about getting the most amount of EXP in Divine Knockout. Have fun leveling up!

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