Dusty Trip: How To Get Camper Van (RV)

Travel with your little cozy bed by your side with this Camper RV!

A Dusty Trip is a Roblox adventure game where players are teleported to the middle of nowhere where they must fix up a broken vehicle and hit the road with many adventures on the way. Players must do this all while keeping their hunger and stamina in check. The game introduces a cool new Camper RV that you can take to the road. Stick around and I’ll tell you how to acquire it!

How To Get Camper Van (RV)

To get your Camper Van (RV), you need to first complete a quest. To activate the quest, talk to Nerdy.

NPC named Nerdy in A Dusty Trip

When you speak to this NPC, he’ll tell you need to collect five comic books. You can loot any five comic books you find in a random building. They are very common and easy to find, so you will not have to search for too long.  

Comic book in A Dusty Trip

Then, use your backpack to store those 5 comic books.

Storing comic book in a bag in A Dusty Trip

Once you look around in any buildings, and finally collect five comic books, you can head back to Nerdy. When you talk to Nerdy, he has a little surprise for you!  He’ll let you claim the Camper van! So, head over to the garage that’s right near where you would find Nerdy.

Garage in A Dusty Trip

Then, long press E to open the Garage. Scroll down and you’ll see your glorious brand new Camper Van ready to be driven by you!

Camper Van in A Dusty Trip

Equip the vehicle and start heading for the road! If you’re deep into the game’s exploration, you’d definitely want to discover any secrets A Dusty Trip has hidden. Here’s a guide on How To Find All Secret Notes Guide in A Dusty Trip.


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